Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Look Multiply

  Basically they put the same choices we had before on one straight line across the top,but for our convienience they have added the marketplace search line in case we feel the need to part with some

Looks like the same features though,perhaps easier to add comments to different blog topics. I wish they had incorporated the old MSN feature where whichever topic you type into , it pops that topic back to the top ( it does do that in your InBox,but on the site would have been good too)

I have asked them about certain ideas,however as with MSN , Multiply has what it seems 'selective hearing' and only responds to OnLine Sellers or stuff like that it seems.

Too bad Multiply does have a lot of good features,but it has definetly made an impact on people responding to posts,we do get a lot of readership,but few actually respond. funny when we had MSN and talked about the usual hotdogs, spruce beer, natatorium, boardwalk, auditorium,or differnet restaurants around Verdun or Montreal we had people grow bored of those topics too & the action started to die down,Now we try to find as much verdun or Montreal related stuff as possible,but we have become like a newspaper..........hahahahahah Oh well at least people read it,regardless of topic.

There is also a chat feature on here, but I also suspect that like MSN chat, noone would use it, or few if any,as it is difficult to coordinate times to use it.

...perhaps our days are numbered........tic tic tic 


john allison said...

I read everything that comes through. I will continue to do so....Thanks....

Guy Billard said...

I think that if Multiply wants to continue having this free site it needs to commercialise it more and to finance it otherwise it will end up closing as what happened the last time. As far as I am concerned, I don't mind so long as they don't exagerate as a matter a fact we may see some interesting products. I have the premium features wich costs me $20.00 a year wich is my contribution as an incentive for Multiply to keep this site but I am sure I am an exception.

Les F said...

.that's not what happened last time Guy, MSN sold to Multiply so they could get rid of their obligation to the MSN Groups (which had supported advertising as well) ,MSN needed to unload groups so they could start up their Groups Live version ,and go in a different direction. I don't think anyone has anything against ads,which support the network,I suggest they add more user friendly features to enhance the users ability to participate. This site ? network actually has fantastic features along with the benefits, It is the layout and some minor tweaking that would make it a lot better. There have always been ads on this network too,which is fine ,that's what pays the bills. Multiply has taken a definte turn to be more of an On Line Sellers Marketplace,rather than a community of random groups.....because that's where they stand to make a lot of money,we just become part of their target audience. All in all as what kills all business is Greed, if greed takes hold,then they would shut down the sites in a flash.Common Sense Really.
I look into the premium service every so often & have found no real benefit that isn't available to everyone without premium. At least no other benefits that I have thought I really need. And I think I use a lot of the features by posting everything from blog entries, music, photo albums ,etc etc ....
I would like to see more particpation & the switch from MSN to Multiply was not an easy one for most of our MSN members. But any site on the net has a small percentage of it's overall members actually posting,regardless of how many.
..............................................Interesting ,& Multiply has stated that more changes are on the way,I will keep us posted if there is something newer on the horizon,as I am a member of a few Multiply Development sites too..
Cheers ! HF&RV LesF

Les F said...

Maybe this is the thread,that gave fuel to the demise rumour ? I did write in the heading above, "Perhaps Our Days Are Numbered"
and here is Pomolive's question: accompanied by the comments that appeared in her thread/topic as well.

verdun connections Feb 19, '12 5:31 PM
by pommy for everyone

I've heard rumours that verdun connections is closing down. is this true or ,just a rumour?????

6 CommentsChronological Reverse Threaded
replysuevand wrote on Feb 20
I hope not. Pomolive, it's one of my favourite sites! Especially the old photos and stories.
replyvicsailin wrote on Feb 20
What say you Les? Victah
replyvicsailin wrote on Feb 20
What say you Maggie McK
sez Victah
replylesf wrote on Feb 21
vicsailin said
What say you Les?
to steal one of Mark Twains lines,.........the rumour of our demise has been greatly exagerrated...........hahahha lol
I love the inuendo though ,since our switch from MSN to Multiply ,admittedley we have lost participation. However our site is read quite often by many,.....We just cannot all see it..
This thread of Pomolives's will show who & how many actually read her thread ( but only to her),.....the rest of us cannot see the counter.....which by almost every topic: counts fairly well,..more so than when on MSN we had over 1200 members & still only had a relatively small percentage who responded ,but a large percentage who read the topic..
Percentage wise,we have alot of readers,but maybe not so many who choose to post their own topics,........I am not totally sure why that is. Everyone is welcome to post or reply,to any thread we post.but I will concede that since MSN made us switch to a new venue,we have lost a lot of participation (not readership) All things grow old & I suppose we did too,.however we kept true to our idea of being a place where Verdun / Montreal people are welcome to come & share their memories of our common denominator Verdun.
Over the years we had many imitators,but we have managed to just stay the course,& bring to everyone who cares to read us,all the stuff we could find, to remind us all of our collective pasts....
as will always be there will be new venues that become popular & will inevitably garner followers who mayube never knew about us,but just look at the content of any site that tries to emulate us,they use a lot of the stories & photos ,pictures ,Videos that we have posted here for years,........and to them I offer all the best ,because keeping our collective memories alive ,is all that really matters,...we will for the meantime carry on & we more than Welcome any newcomers ( or old comers) to at least persuse our stuff,.........but we already know many do that,as most of this stuff will find their way to other sites,.........and you know what,that's something that we all can be proud of.
Cheers ! Have Fun & Remember Verdun - Les
Hmmmm : I wonder how many sites give credit to where they really found their material....? We try to.......

replyvicsailin wrote on Feb 22
Thanks Les! Glad to learn that V.C. is still carrying on.
replypomolive wrote on Feb 25
yes thank you for your comfirmations all is well.

.Thanks Again for the question: Cheers ! HF&RV - Les

Guy Billard said...

What is the above instersection ?

Les F said...

Church & Wellington.......a very neat shot(IMHO),which looks straight down Wellington as well as straight up Church av. with of course the NDdSD (?) on the corner. I just liked the shot,as it is unusual in it's concept,Almost like an old fish eye lens shot from an old SLR 35mm Camera,however I don't doubt it is taken with a much newer DSLR .........Cheers ! HF&RV - Les

Dolly ? said...

Hi Les, Had posted before but never received a reply. I'm thinking I posted incorrectly. Anyhow just to let you know my novel, Loddy-Dah, has now found a Toronto publisher. I just signed with Guernica Editions and the book should be out next year. It's a long process. I connected with Verdun Connections about four and a half years when I started to write the novel. Used some of the info in the book from members who shared their stories and remembrances. It is set in Montreal, the McGill Ghetto and Verdun as we follow a theatrical group and watch their lives unfold against the backdrop of political events fromt 1967 EXPO 67 and ending in 1970 with the FLQ Crisis and the War Measures Act. Will let you know when I have a publication date and will acknowledge Verdun Connections .

Les F said...

" FANTASTIC" Great work Dolly)serious writer) I am looking forward to reading it ( and you better sign it for me......hahaha)
Good work ,....I will certainly ask that it be considered for purchase to the local library here in Victoria BC .,....
I was the first one to get a copy to read of Kathy Dobson's book "With a Closed Fist"
Wow some talent sure comes out of Verdun.....
ps: Kathy if you read this , also read your PM msgs, I sent you one I think you'll get a kick out of........ HF&RV

Dolly ? said...

Thanks Les. Yeah, I get some money every time someone borrows it from the library so make sure it's there. Hey, maybe I'll have a launch in Victoria. Anyhow, always believe in yourself and your passion and never give up, persevere and be patient and just believe. I'm on FB and have a blog now. Still didn't hear from some agents and another publisher was interested but wouldn't get to reading it until next month. You have to grab the brass ring when it comes around. I had twelve rejections and that's not bad considering The Help had 60 before some one picked it up. It's a very subjective process. I learned alot.


Dolly ? said...

Oh and speaking of Verdun talent, the publisher is a Verdunite and he thought I captured the spirit of Montreal at that time and he thought the character, Loddy, was amazing. His words. I think so too. VC stories captured my imagination and I just went with it and it worked. I'm still levitating.