Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Verdun's almost-pristine stretch of the St. Lawrence river near George O'Reilly park is one of the cleanest beaches in the country.

          First Question......................has this reporter ever been out of Verdun  let alone across the country).............hahahaha I will admit that Verdun's waterfront has come a helluva long way since the Verdun I grew up in,....but 'cleanest in the country' ?????  I would still be somewhat hesitant to jump in the river ,....knowing it's history. However it is great accolades for our old Verdun.

Verdun's almost-pristine stretch of the St. Lawrence river near George O'Reilly park is one of the cleanest beaches in the country.

here is the full story where I came across the above statement: From the CTV site Aug 23,11

MONTREAL — The World Wildlife Fund has come up with a listing of the cleanest -- and the dirtiest -- shorefronts in Canada.

Here in Quebec the most and least littered areas are just a few kilometres away from each other.

Verdun's almost-pristine stretch of the St. Lawrence river near George O'Reilly park is one of the cleanest beaches in the country.

Every year the WWF organizes a coast-to-coast cleanup of beaches and tabulates the results.

At George O'Reilly park in 2010, volunteers picked up an average of 2 kg of trash ever kilometre, less than anywhere else in the province.

Ann Vezina visits the park as often as she can to drink in the view, and she enjoys the cleanliness.

"Oh this is, it's inspiring," said Vezina.

When CTV visited the park there was no litter to be found, despite the heavy foot and wheeled traffic.

The borough says it is honoured by the distinction, but says the shore doesn't clean itself.

"For the past 15 years we've had 500 volunteers take part in an annual shoreline clean up," said Gilles Baril.

It's a different story 20 km northwest in Pierrefonds, where Riviere a l'Orme has the dubious distinction of being the dirtiest place to be on the beach.

That's where 750 kg of litter had accumulated in 2010.

"Mainly cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic bags--and people know that they shouldn't be leaving without them and that they should pick them up but year after year we find them on our shoreline," said Marie-Claude Lemieux.

Overall the cleanest beach in Quebec still has a long way to go to catch up with the front runners in Ontario, Alberta and BC where less than 400 grams of trash were left to sit on the beach.

The worst in the country? The WWF says Sydenham Lake in Kingston, Ontario was covered in a stunning 5 metric tonnes of garbage.



                       Have Fun and Remember Verdun..............


Ken McLaughlin said...

Not so crazy as it sounds....When I ran with Projet Montreal in the 2009 election, putting a beach in near Therrien park was on the agenda, though I wasn't personally a big fan of the idea. Two summers ago I swam in the Saint Lawrence at roughly 1st avenue - pretty much where LeBlanc's Wharf was I believe. Lots of people go in now. I have no idea why the river is cleaner really, but it is much much better than when a lot of us were growing up with the "Polio Scare" from the 50's.

Ken McLaughlin

Les F said...

Hi Ken,.I have no doubt that it is much cleaner ,and as you say why the river is cleaner is anyone's guess... but I just spent a few weeks right here on the island (Vancouver Island) and I was standing on the dock at my friends place & I could see the bottom of the lake clear as day in about 15' of water,.I have a hard time visualizing that at least not after the things we saw floating around those wharfs......hahahahah
I have been impressed though with the forward thinking of the whole island of Montreal in it's efforts to clean up & green up the whole waterfront around the island......
Who knows one day I may take a dip in the old river ......for now I will have to put up with Willows Beach a few blocks away,.although they do have a lot of 60, 70 & 80'plus pieces of wood littering the beach,and more after every Cheers ! HF&RV

Victor Coveduck said...

When I think of the river's pollution off Verdun and off Ville Lasalle back in the 1940's, I feel lucky to have lived this long and in such good shape. The Great lakes were polluted and it all flowed down past Verdun. So many communities had their sewage flowing into the waterway. Then there were the industries all the way up to the end of Lake Superior. How did we survive? We were always in the river swimming off the wharfs and at Nun's Island. There was a small island just off Point St. Charles
just below the VERDUN DUMP and we stopped there in a boat once, couldn't believe the crowd that was there swimming! As I reflect back I ask myself WHAT WERE THE CITY POLITICIANS THINKING??? (The 'Mental Midgets' in charge!) A DUMP ON THE RIVER BANK! (Now uder the Auditorium and surrounding area.) Even as kids we knew enough to stay way upriver from it.Fortunately, the Natatorium was built and we could go and get 'super Chlorinated' and hang out for a half day. The river and the Great Lakes may be alot cleaner today, thanks to the Environmental attitudes and rules of the more recent years. (More educated population and Government?) Ahhh, "those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end."

Les F said...

Hi Victah....I agree,us kids did our best to not get in the river,usually it was a slip or something that drenched us & then we had to stay away from home until we That was for me in the early 60's ....My guess is that the river had such a strong current ,that it may have been the saving grace in a lot of instances.......
How are things in Florida, is Irene giving you trouble yet.......?
Cheers ! HF&RV