Sunday, August 7, 2011

Margaret Orlan (nee Hance)

Anyone familiar with Margaret? She should be in her 70s. She lived on 5th Avenue as a teenager with three brothers, Robert, Jerry, Billy and one sister, Pat??
Peace and love,
Bill (Second Avenue)


Les F said...

Bill have you tried looking through the link in our Links might help ?

Les F said...

Hi Bill the closest I have found for you so far ,is this link from an old Gazette 1979ish.. the link will bring you to an article ,but you need to scroll to the right directly beside this link about french pay or will see the obit for what I think is Margaret Hance's Mother,if you read the obit it mentions Marageret's name as one of the children of Mary Hance..maybe from this you could track down the other people that are mentioned & just maybe someone will get you in touch with Maragaret Orlan (nee Hance)
Btw: the only other Margaret Hance I found was the mayor of somewhhere in Arizona ( I am sure that wasn't your friend form Verdun)
Anyway if I turn up something I will alert you for sure..................Cheers ! Aloha ! HF&RV