Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Main's Pastry

                                          Had to laugh when I opened my email today , I recieved a link  showing me this double photo (side by side) showing Main's Pastry across the street. It so happens that what goes around  comes around, that's my Mom (almost 91 these days) standing infront of my oldmans Oldsmobile......  small world ,since I posted those years back...............hahahahah  We lived right beside the Savoy at one point,neat to see our pics being 'lifted'  'er borrowed as Mr Gravenor used to like to say. She will get a kick out of seeing these again.



Diane Roberts said...

Was Main's the pastry shop between 3rd & 4th? If it was, just loved the meat pies, and all the goodies there. We used to play "fly ball" in the laneway behind the shop and at the end of the day they'd feed the kids lots of leftovers. No wonder I was a chubby kid!...Diane

Les F said...

Hi Diane ,hope all is good theses days..... Mains was btwn: Willibrord & Rielle almost right across from the Savoy (actually more towards mid block) Cheers ! HF&RV

Les F said...

.....I remember that flyball game ,or one like it, I believe in the parking lot behind Steinberg's which was on the other corner across Willibrord ,the wall had a small angled ledge about 3' off the ground (part of the foundation) this angled ledge made it perfect for bouncing a ball high in the air,and the parking lot adjacent became the playing field.................HF&RV