Monday, May 9, 2011

Jolene 's Body Was Found Under the Champlain Bridge

       MONTREAL - Police have revealed that Jolène Riendeau's remains were found underneath the Champlain Bridge on the Montreal side, facing Nuns' Island.

The girl was 10 years old when she disappeared in 1999. She was last seen alive in Point St. Charles.

Police said in a statement that the remains were discovered in a spot near the Club de tennis Île des Soeurs.

More details to come.


Les F said...

Incredibly sad for the family,& yesterday being Mother's Day..
Imagine 12 years exposed to the seasons ,so close to home,,,,,unimaginable.
_ _ & RV

Tom q said...

Here's hoping the perp gets put into the general populace.MAYBE they'll find him 12 years from now...RIP Jolene.

Les F said...

Les F said...

So according to the video in the previous post, the snake they did question is still Suspect #1, and they are being careful in order to nail him,Let the family know who this bum is and see how long he makes it. Sometime a little old fashion justice is better. (JMHO)