Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beach @ the Old Port Montreal Next Summer 2012

The Old Port of Montreal is getting a beach – but you’ll have to wait a year. And you won’t be able to swim there.

The beach, to open in May 2012, was announced in a speech Wednesday by Claude Benoît, chief executive of the  Old Port of Montreal Corporation.

“The urban beach will feature real silky sand along with sun loungers and coloured umbrellas, bordered by a boardwalk,” according an Old Port press release. “It will be able to accommodate up to 800 people.”

Benoît said it will be “inspired by the Paris Beach (“Paris Plage”) project in France and similar sites in Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Budapest and Prague, our urban beach will be located on the lower berth and the tip of the Clock Pier.

“It will provide a fun and friendly experience, with a unique holiday atmosphere close to downtown. Montréalers will be able to access to the beach starting in the summer of 2012.”

A spokesperson said there will be no swimming. “You’re by the port there and the current is too strong,” he said.

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Les F said...

I get the idea & I suppose it sounds good but a beach where you cannot effectively use the water,is really an adult sandbox isn't it ? I like the artist conception of that beach in Verdun better... HF&RV

Les F said...

This looks better & somewhat more natural. HF&RV