Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 Story Building to be Built on former CKVL Lot

An article in the Verdun Messager today mentions that a 6 story building with 35 condominiums is projected to be built at the former CKVL site but not without a group of local citizens contesting the project.

I am intrigued by the sign: Robin Hood présente Piano Quiz ?. The piano player was no doubt Billy Munroe wich would be the 50s period.




Les F said...

6 floors seems out of place,since the last few decades,everytime a fire ravaged a 3 floor walk up,they would only allow 2 stories to replace them. The avenues would be seriously populated if these were allowed. 35 condos means 35 parking spaces,the avs were crowded as it was.Seems like Montreal (as many other places) have gone seriously Condo Crazy.
~~~~~~~ HF&RV ~~~~~

Ken McLaughlin said...

Condo crazy indeed. I saw a "social housing" project getting it's foundation put in near Decarie and De La Savanne. Workers were joking that there would be no parking space in the basement because "those people" can't afford cars. No worries, it's just the social housing component of a massive condo project for the area. But Les's comment about parking made me think of it. Hopefully, there will be no parking in the CKVL project because these people would be about a 90 second walk from the Metro.

Ken McLaughlin