Sunday, May 22, 2011

1702 Map - Fort in Verdun

This 1702 map shows that there was a fort in Verdun. I have discovered that the fort was built in 1662 but it raises a lot of questions. The map shows the fort facing Herron island wich is facing LaSalle. What I am trying to find out is where exactly was the fort situated. My guestimate is that it was between Maison St Dizier and the LaSalle border but it might have been as shown on the map as the borderline may have originally been further west.

It would be interesting to know where exactly the fort was situated so that a monument or at least a plaque be installed to commemorate this important Verdun historical event. Now that a museum is close by (Maison St Dizier) the location of the fort would be interesting to know.




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