Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quebec to remove all seats in the Legislature Building, All Politicians will now have to stand in a Shower Stall,as Premier Charest 'vows' to 'Clean Up Corruption'

                    Just like the mandatory foot bath before entering the Natatorium (remember that little pool by the door)....all elcected officials in Quebec I suspect will now have to shower while doing Gov't business,.....the ebattled Premier Vows to Clean Up Corruption under the constant barrage of allegations re: Labour/Construction corruption ......and that old Sow Marois hope to topple the present day Gov't & become the new head thief, & she should know about corruoption as she & her husband 'stole' land to build their own little castle on, and she claims to be the  hop for the provinvce........hahahahahaha

QUEBEC – Premier Jean Charest promised Wednesday to adopt permanent measures to combat corruption and collusion to fix prices in Quebec’s construction industry.

“There has to be a cleanup,” Charest said in the debate on a Parti Québécois non-confidence motion in his government, over its refusal to name a public inquiry into the construction industry.

“All forms of corruption and collusion are unacceptable,” the premier said, adding his government takes “very seriously” media reports about irregularities in the construction industry.

But PQ leader Pauline Marois said Quebec is embroiled in a “serious crisis” because of the allegations, which mean the government may be paying 30 per cent more for its $40-billion infrastructure renewal program than it should.

And “not too far away, there is a Quebec Liberal Party fundraiser,” the PQ leader said, linking the allegations of corruption with Liberal fundraising practices.

Marois noted a media report Wednesday, quoting municipal and police officials, who say since the reports of price-fixing and the creation of the Operation Hammer police task force, waterworks and paving contracts are costing Montreal 36 per cent less.

Marois said the PQ supports the police operations, but insisted the need for a public inquiry remains.

“Only a public inquiry can demonstrate that there is a system and can attack that system,” Marois said.

The PQ leader appealed to Liberal MNAs to join the PQ in voting for the motion, defeating the Charest government an triggering a new election, saying it was a question of “the common good over partisan interest.”

She said in the two years since Charest won the 2008 election, Quebec has gone “from disappointment to disappointment,” suggesting “no one is at the helm of the government.”

Charest’s 2008 election theme was that the minority government elected in 2007 made it difficult for his to govern, arguing the province needed “one pair of hands on the steering wheel.”

Marois said in the nearly two years since the last election there have been indications of Mafia infiltration in the construction industry, confirmation of collusion to fix prices.

As well, the PQ has correlated donations to the Liberal Party with the granting of permits to operate private daycare centres.

After denying the evidence, Marois said, Tony Tomassi, the Liberal family minister, was replaced by Yolande James. Marois noted James has restored the PQ system of granting subsidized daycare permits.

Marois also referred to allegations by former Liberal justice minister Marc Bellemare that Liberal fundraisers influenced his choices in naming judges.

“Quebecers are losing confidence in their institutions and their elected officials,” Marois said.

“It’s getting worse,” she added, referring to the admission by two rival politicians, from the PQ and Liberal Party, that Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt offered them illegal cash donations.

As well, David Grégoire, a losing Liberal candidate in the 2008 election, says he accepted two illegal cash donations, one from a municipal official, the second from a construction executive.

Marois noted an online petition, calling for Charest to resign, now has over 230,000 signatures, and Charest should leave his position.

Charest rose at that moment and left the assembly, but returned to deliver his rebuttal.

He said his government established Operation Hammer, with a $30-million budget and over 70 provincial and Montreal police, as well as Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers, to look into the allegations.

The Liberal government also created an anti-collusion squad in the transport department and has given itself new powers to probe the activities of construction companies and disqualify offenders from bidding.

In total, Charest said, more than 500 people are looking into the construction allegations.

He criticized the opposition parties for using parliamentary immunity to make allegations, saying he has been in politics for 26 years – half his life – and “integrity” is his guiding light.

And he appealed wit the opposition to adopt codes of ethics his government has proposed by the National Assembly and municipal governments, as well as changes to tighten up Quebec’s party-financing law.

“I extend a hand to the opposition so we can adopt these laws before Dec. 10,” Charest said.

In the unlikely event his government is defeated, when the motion is voted on later in the day, Quebecers would be plunged into new election on Dec. 27 “between Christmas and New Years,” he said.

The PQ is to decide on its next election program at a convention in April.

Charest said going into a snap election, the only platform the PQ would have to campaign on would be its goal to make Quebec a sovereign state.

Gérard Deltell, leader of Action démocratique du Québec, noted more than 80 per cent of Quebecers want a public inquiry. “Eighty per cent of Quebecers can’t be wrong,” Deltell said.

........Isn't that nice ,Vow to clean up corruption ,usually happens only when you've been caught with your hand in the cookie jar,...what abunch of thieves,......

I still think our little province here on the left coast ,is trying it's hardest to win that 'most corrupt province' award .....but just when you think you've got a chance,Quebec pulls out some new tricks.......................hahahahahaha          


Les F said...

Just as I posted this moments ago , I just heard that Charest Govt has survived a non-confidence vote.
Ahhhhhhh all is well again, I'm sure for a moment there were a number of people unsure which door to slip the enveloppes with the cash in them,under............. HF&RV

john allison said...

Quebec politics/corruption/cleaning up government......and all in the same breath!!!!!! What will they think of next. Honest politicians going down the Alice In Wonderland Rabbit Hole????

Brian Gearey said...

Everyone knows there are no corrupt politicians in quebec just like there are no polar bears in Churchill Manitoba.BTW my door can take lots of envelopes with cash inside

Brian Gearey said...

Everyone knows there are no corrupt politicians in quebec just like there are no polar bears in Churchill Manitoba.BTW my door can take lots of envelopes with cash inside