Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh No ! Say it isn't So, -Quebec Corrupt..............thanks for the news flash. lol

            So Macleans thinks Quebec is the most corrupt province,...come on we are trying here in BC ,.......& how about Ontario their pretty good at thievery too........what about Alberta (paid off with Oil Dough).................that Quebec gets all the good

Marc Bellemare isn’t a particularly interesting man to look at, so you’d think the spectre of watching him sit behind a desk and answer questions for hours on end would have Quebecers switching the channel en masse. And yet, the province’s former justice minister has been must-see TV over the past few weeks, if only because of what has been flowing out of his mouth.

Bellemare, who has been testifying in an inquiry into the process by which judges are appointed in Quebec, has particularly bad memories of his brief stint in cabinet, from 2003 to 2004. The Liberal government, then as now under the leadership of Premier Jean Charest, was rife with collusion, graft and barely concealed favouritism, he says—the premier himself so beholden to Liberal party fundraisers that they had a say in which judges were appointed to the bench. “It happened in [Charest’s] office. He was relaxed, he served me a Perrier,” Bellemare testified. The two spoke about Franco Fava, a long-time Liberal fundraiser who, according to Bellemare, was lobbying for Marc Bisson (the son of another Liberal fundraiser) and Michel Simard to be promoted. “I said, ‘Who names the judges, me or Franco Fava?’ I was very annoyed. I found it unacceptable,” Bellemare recalls. He remembers Charest saying, “ ‘Franco is a personal friend. He’s an influential fundraiser for the party. We need men like this. We have to listen to them. If he says to nominate Bisson and Simard, nominate them.’ ”

Judicial selection may be a topic as dry as Bellemare’s own clipped monotone, yet the public inquiry currently under way has been a ratings success. It has veered into bizarro CSI territory, complete with testimony from an ink specialist who discerned that Bellemare had used at least two different pens when writing notes on a piece of cardboard. And despite his reputation as a bit of a crank, and the fact his supposedly airtight memory is prone to contradictions and convenient lapses, Quebecers believe Bellemare’s version of events over that of Jean Charest, the longest serving Quebec premier in 50 years—by as much as four to one, according to polls.

Part of the reason for this is the frankly disastrous state of Charest’s government. In the past two years, the government has lurched from one scandal to the next, from political financing to favouritism in the provincial daycare system to the matter of Charest’s own (long undisclosed) $75,000 stipend, paid to him by his own party, to corruption in the construction industry. Charest has stymied repeated opposition calls for an investigation into the latter, prompting many to wonder whether the Liberals, who have long-standing ties to Quebec’s construction companies, have something to hide. (Regardless, this much is true: it costs Quebec taxpayers roughly 30 per cent more to build a stretch of road than anywhere else in the country, according to Transport Canada figures.) Quebecers want to believe Bellemare, it seems, because what he says is closest to what they themselves believe about their government.

This slew of dodgy business is only the most recent in a long line of made-in-Quebec corruption that has affected the province’s political culture at every level. We all recall the sponsorship scandal, in which businessmen associated with the Liberal Party of Canada siphoned off roughly $100 million from a fund effectively designed to stamp the Canadian flag on all things Québécois, cost (or oversight) be damned. “I am deeply disturbed that such practices were allowed to happen,” wrote Auditor General Sheila Fraser in 2004. Fraser’s report and the subsequent commission by Justice John Gomery, which saw the testimony of Liberal prime ministers Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin, wreaked havoc on Canada’s natural governing party from which it has yet to recover.


CLARIFICATION: The cover of last week’s magazine, with the headline “The Most Corrupt Province in Canada,” featured a photo-illustrated editorial cartoon depicting Bonhomme Carnaval carrying a briefcase stuffed with money. The cover has been criticized by representatives of the Carnaval de Québec, of which Bonhomme is a symbol.

While Maclean’s recognizes that Bonhomme is a symbol of the Carnaval, the character is also more widely recognized as a symbol of the province of Quebec. We used Bonhomme as a means of illustrating a story about the province’s political culture, and did not intend to disparage the Carnaval in any way. Maclean’s is a great supporter of both the Carnaval and of Quebec tourism. Our coverage of political issues in the province will do nothing to diminish that support.


            ....Hey baby tell us something we don't know,Quebec has always been corrupt & that's not about to change.......................HF&RV


john allison said...

Oh how my heart is breaking....from the scandal....Who would have thunk...our beloved(?) kebec.....being the most corrupt province. Where oh where did we go wrong/ ? SNIFF SNIFF

Ken McLaughlin said...

There is massive corruption everywhere except you could say that most of it gets "laundered" very nicely into legit stuff faster than you can say "taxman". In Quebec the corruption is part of the provincial consciousness, some people believe it wouldn't work without it. let alone the fact that some companies simply feel entitled to more.

Ken McLaughlin

Les F said...

That's why I find it somewhat hilarious,we grew knowing that nothing get's rolling until the wheels are greased.............and as I say BC is striving hard for the Maclean's Title as 'Most' corrupt......hahaha

Les F said...

AND NOW IN THE GOOD NEWS CATEGORY, Our head chief & thief,has finally stepped down ( however it was on the edge of a BOOT anyway, this nut & his min dictatorship,has cost BC Billions,.
My guess is he stole enough for him to live quite happily everafter......
He was our main chance for BC to wrestle away Quebec's Title of Most Corrupt.......Ahh now to pick the new Crook....................
here's the newspaper blurb on Gordy stepping down:
VANCOUVER — B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell announced his resignation Wednesday in a surprise move.

The premier's popularity has sunk to record lows in recent months, in large part due to the hugely unpopular HST his government brought in.

"It is time for a new person to lead the province," he told reporters

ps: Gordon spelled 'rob' wrong in his last sentance he spelled it 'lead' he told reporters.........hahahaha HF&RV