Monday, March 29, 2010

Terry McCluskey

Please, if anyone knows his whereabouts, contact me.

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Les F said...

Maggie here is an excerpt from an article in the Cape Breton Post,....the story mentions a Terry McCluskey living in Westmount,probably a long shot,but it is possibl;e that it could be Terry. I know at one time many many years ago He was living in a highrise apartment building,which may have been around Greene Av ?? but I'm just guessing now, I do recall an apartment somehwere near downtown Montreal.
Mojeiko's grandfather Terry McCluskey, who lives in Westmount voted for his grandson online.
"I think it's a pretty good idea. He's 14 and he's taller than I am and I'm about six feet... and he's in great shape. He's fluently bilingual - his mother tongue is really Mandarin," said McCluskey.
The link is to the Cape Breton post, maybe it will provide some leads for you:
I know you are capable on a computer,so you most likely have already found this article during a Google Search ( Canada Google ) I found other possibility's too, like a building permit in the Okanagan BC for a Terry McCluskey at 475 Bluenose Road..........again a referance to the Eastcoast 'bluenose,cape breton.....long shots all of them but it's a start. Also if you knew or remembered what Terry did for a living ,then that may help narrow the search....
I'll keep alert & if I can find something more definetive then I will certainly let you know,,,,,
Good luck with your search ..............HF&RV