Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nun's Island


Remember this photo ? I said it was a photo of the old convent foundation on Nun's Island but you said it was the foundations of the the Champlain bridge under construction. I found this photo yesterday in our archives wich says the following (translation):

In september 1969, the archealogical diggings were suspended. Here are the foundations of the Jacques Le Ber farm updated.

This is a page of a book wich gives the history of the island up to the date that the Nun's left in the late 50s. The experts made extensive archealogical research wich are explained in the book with several photos of the artifacts they found. A very interesting book for those interested in the subject.




Les F said...

the photo appears in the 'land preparation for the Champlain Bridge in an album I posted a while back, it also had a explanation at the very beginning of the photo album explaining that 'while preparing' the land for the footings of the Champlain Bridge,they unearthed many old stones,while preparing the land for the bridge, Also mentioned is that 'nowadays' more care would be taken to save any relics..
this link above brings you to the actual photo album............HF&RV

Les F said...

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Champlain Bridge beginnings May 10, '09 10:26 AM
by Les for everyone

Found a few old phtos of the preparation of the land for the 'new' Champlain Bridge.
I can't help but think that there must have been a lot of historic stuff lost ,to all the building on Nuns Island, if the same task was taken on today, a lot of preservation work would have been done I suspect. Anyway have a look at just a few old photo's ,when Nuns Island was still untouched..................HF&RV
click on this link for the album, then click on the comments below it.
..this was the description of the photo album when added..we also had the same discussion in the comments section..interesting old stuff..HF&RV