Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Got Milk ? Lowlife Idiot Moron Scumbags, Hit the Bottle

I suppose it was inevitable.

The crisp white Guaranteed Pure Milk Bottle was attacked by #$@%^ vandals between the night of March 18 and the morning of March 19.

Heritage Montréal's Amélie Renouf tells me that the graffiti will be removed next week.

Click here for previous Metropolitan News items about the milk bottle's history and its recent refurbishment.

- Andy Riga


Les F said...

Guarantee Milk Bottle

Built By: Dominion Bridge of Canada
When Built: 1930
Erected on the Guaranteed Pure Milk Co. Building in 1932.

Height: 32 Feet (9.8 Metres)
Diameter: 16 Feet (4.9 Metres)
Weight: 6 tons

Construction Materials:
Steel Plate

The Dairy was located on Aquaduc Street and later renamed to Lucien L'Allier

Tom q said...

Some ass#º¿§s just need to get brought up on charges, and given a choice of repainting/cleaning their graffiti or spending some time in jail! Maybe an overnight camping trip to Number 10 would straighten them up a bit!

Les F said...

I would have to agree, however I think a boot in the hole,right at the start would do wonders. Too many people think defacing other peoples things,is 'art' Usually these bums don't have anything of their own.but I would bet if you took their i-pod or i-phone and stomped on it,they would be upset.Funny when you have to pay for things,it changes your opinion. Maybe a few sentences like aside from having to 'clean up their crap' a judge to make these fools sit at the entrance to a busy mall,wearing a Dunce Cap & a sign saying what an a$$ hole they were .put that on Youtube .....hf&rv

Guy Billard said...

Those (%*&?) kids have to be acrobats to climb that structure. Too bad they don't channel their artistic and physical energy for more purposefull causes.


Les F said...

this was a public announcement,when they were trying to save the landmark sign:
Courtesy of Youtube.......

This ad reminds me of the old cartoonish :Why Wait for Spring -Do It Now " ads that were on the TV in te '60's HF&RV

Les F said...

Yes your right Guy,...but the sad truth of the matter is, that if one of these little bas%^&rds fell off of the structure while trespassing then most likely the City or the company would be sued for liable.

robert jomphe said...

Electrify the darn thing. Works for cows.

Les F said...

now I like that idea,but one question, how do cows spray paint ? hahahha

robert jomphe said...

Ever hear about milk paint. They climb up the ladder at night and write things like "Farner John has cold hands". or "farmer john 's son lifted my tail twice this week." all kinds of cowfity like that.

Les F said...

Holy Cow ......thats funny: HF&RV

,,,,,,but I suppose ,if they can jump over the moon

Brian Gearey said...

I'm sorry but calling them idiots doesn't make it.Not even moron works.Is there anything lower?

Les F said...

How do you like the new title.............hahahahah HF&RV

Brian Gearey said...

Les great new title. Will check in next weekend as it is back to the hospital Brian The new title has a verdunesque touch to it.