Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Backpeddling ? 1st Turcot now 'rethink' Bonaventure Project

As with most announcements by Govt's at any level,it's usually bullshit ,it seems now that the fantastic musings of some to rid the city of the unsightly Bonaventure Expressway ,now needs to be 'rethought' (is that a word?) ,In anycase the truth proabably 'lies' somewhere in between...I would bet no 'do -re- me' is available to fund all these knee jerk projects,It seems putting the cart before the horse is again the norm here...








MONTREAL - The municipal public consultation agency says Montreal needs to review its plans to overhaul the Bonaventure Expressway as a modified urban boulevard.

Public consultations revealed that reconfigurating the highway, which now plays an important role in cross-shore public transit, is crucial to the future of the city, the Office de consultation publique de Montréal said in a report released Wednesday.

But some aspects of the redevelopment plans, notably the promise of commercial and residential development alongside the new urban boulevard, set off alarm bells.

"Many who spoke pointed out that there is little demand for new downtown-type projects in Montreal," the consultation agency report noted. "There are already too many sites earmarked for development, downtown and in the Quartier international and Cité internationale."

Noise and air pollution levels in the area also raised doubts about the potential for attracting residents to proposed housing developments, the consultation report states.

Some 700 citizens and organization representatives attended the municipal public consultation meetings, and the agency received 59 briefs.

For the full public consultation report in French, consult the municipal agency website.

    My guess ,would also be not all the payoffs have been decided on, and with the recent allegations of corruption being rampant in Quebec Construction Industry,that the heat may be on, and so a cooling off period will be good.    hahahaha 'till the dough arrives'         It did look like a nice idea,(sort of) pretty artist conceptions and all..............hahahahahha                                                  HF&RV

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Guy Billard said...

I know that area very well as I use it about once a week, as a matter of fact I used it yesterday. The potential for that area is tremendous as it is the main traffic area in the west island. Hopefully the authoriies will come up with a practical plan to take full advantage of the potentail of the area.