Saturday, December 5, 2009

Train Derailment

Train derailment near the Sask. - Manitoba border a place called Spy Hill, the train was carrying propane and sparked some sort of fire. People had to be evacuated,etc etc

  Here's the story from the Gazette:.......  MaggieMck & her family live in Sask. so I hope this isn't near them ........  

SPY HILL, Sask. — Several families were evacuated from their homes Saturday near the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border after a freight train carrying propane tanks derailed, sparking a large fire that sent plumes of greyish-black smoke high into the sky.

Reeve Bernard Mikolas of the Spy Hill Rural Municipality in Saskatchewan said at least five families had been forced from their homes after about 17 cars derailed around 7 a.m. local time.

No injuries have been reported, said CN spokeswoman Kelli Svendsen.

Svendsen said she could not comment on how the derailment, which took place on a single rail line, would affect rail traffic in the area.

Mikolas said he could see the smoke from the municipal office six kilometres away. Mikolas said he did not know the number of propane tanks that had been carried by the train.

Mikolas said RCMP and municipal officials were on the scene, blocking off roads as fire departments from Spy Hill and Esterhazy, Sask., battled the flames.

RCMP in Regina confirmed they received a call around 7 a.m. that a train had derailed near Spy Hill, which is about 13 kilometres from the Manitoba border.

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