Friday, December 11, 2009

Paul Reid Christmas Special Schedule (Saturday Night Special not included)

Paul Reid's Christmas Special

Many of you have already asked about the CJAD tradition of the legendary Paul Reid Christmas Special. To help get you in the spirit of the holidays, CJAD will be broadcasting the special.

Few radio personalities have touched their listeners as much as the late Paul Reid. With his unique style and unmistakable voice, Paul forged an unbreakable bond with his audience. Thankfully, the Reid family has allowed CJAD to continue the tradition of The Paul Reid Christmas Special.

If you would like more information about the Paul Reid Christmas please feel free to call Mike Reid at 514-782-3000.

Below is the complete Paul Reid Christmas Special broadcast schedule:

  • Wed. Dec. 9 from 7-9pm
  • Christmas Eve from 6-9pm
  • Christmas Day 5-8pm

Hey , How Lucky can you get, after seeing all those happy faces on your kids, grand kids, and almost everyone around exuding all that happiness & joy that comes with Christmas Normally, you can On Christmas Day itself,from 5pm until 8pm listen to Paul Reid .....................then start your car & place a hose on the exhaust pipe & run it into your bedroom (that's the good part) ....Yikes ........hahahahaha    Merry Christmas

              ...............and to all a good night



Les F said...

All kidding aside ,it's only two weeks exactly until Christmas Day....Yikes this year has flown by.

Hope you all accomplished some of the things you set out to do,at the start of the year.
projects finished (some not even started yet ???)
I like to set realistic goals every year ,things that are attainable, Like Exercising less. maybe gain 10lbs or so, don't cut down on anything in a meaningful way..............hahahahah Usually can accomplish these things every year,.it's really easy actually , hahahahah HF&RV

Sandy Walsh said...

you are crazy :) - I hope this doesn't keep all the fans from tuning in - I think we'll watch ELF here though - a great feel good movie for the day :)