Friday, December 4, 2009

No Access to the Site

The site may experience delays & interupted service on Saturday (tomorrow) However this is being done by Multiply ,in order to move their service from it's home base now,to a new home ,.Service is supposed to be faster & there maybe new features coming (but  do not know that for sure) So I thought I would alert everyone ,that incase you check in tomorow ,& can't get in,this is the reason why...    HV&RV 

    I'll let you all know what ,if any, new features are available.

Who knows maybe a duplication of some of mSN's old stuff will appear here ??? All speculation at this point. 


Les F said...

Just an aside note, but I'm sure most of you know that regardless of whether someone is a member or not ,you can click on the person's avatar or just their name & visit their site. I do suggest visiting everyones site & if you like sign their guestbook,or not that's not always possible,( I know the guestbook on my site is disabled) but most people have info there that might enable you to find an old friend etc etc ....... or just visit. Some have great photo albums, your ID: will appear on their site ,so signing in isn't really neccessary HF&RV

Les F said...

Maybe no noticeable disruption of service at all ? However they were changing locales ,which were both on the East Coast anyway ,so perhaps they got it done overnight ? Whatever.