Saturday, December 19, 2009

Montreal Gazette Terry Mosher Aislin

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Terry Mosher
Political Cartoonist Terry Mosher launches his lastest book Aislin's Shenanigans and Zoomer News caught up with the author at this special event.


Montreal caricaturist Terry Mosher, known and feared for decades as 'Aislin', has spent his professional life lampooning the rich and powerful while wrestling with his own personal demons of drugs and alcohol. "His cartoons," says the CBC's Rex Murphy, "are a diary of every folly and controversy that has meshed with the sad Canadian consciousness

"Funny and Moody: The Best of Aislin's Cartoons"
Terry Mosher, Jean-Herman Guay, Université de Sherbrooke and Bruno Lemieux, Collège de Sherbrooke

True iconoclasts, masters of the cutting stroke - "praise" abounds for cartoonists whose sometimes wicked humour shakes up politicians on a daily basis. The delinquent of the editorial team and a walking nightmare for our ruling class, Aislin is undoubtedly one of the most prolific cartoonists of the last 30 years. He thrives on the news, he's got a sharp eye and he's got an even sharper pen!

Ever irreverent, cartoonists underline the faults of public figures and are always ready to pounce on the slightest misstep. They expose, exaggerate and depict reality with humour and sarcasm. Wielding sharp pens and minds, cartoonists create visual editorials that reflect news events. Cartoonists make us think about social issues, provoke us and stir up controversy...