Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cold ,what cold

Remember the fun skating & playing hockey on an outdoor rink,cleaning the ice after a snowfall, warming up in the shack, and basically spending all day outside regardless of the weather.........  here's a story that reminded me of way back when in Montreal/Verdun






MONTREAL - Outdoor skating rinks, including hockey rinks with boards and nets, have opened well before Christmas holidays this year, thanks to some colder-than-average temperatures in recent days.

In downtown Ville-Marie borough and the Plateau Mont Royal borough in particular, outdoor rinks were open and very busy on Sunday afternoon. Elsewhere in the city of Montreal and suburbs on and off the island of Montreal, other municipal outdoor skating rinks were opening up this weekend for the season.

“Very good for so early in the season,” AndrĂ© Marchand, 45, said of the quality of the ice at Lafontaine Park around noon on Sunday, as he took a break from playing a game of shinny.

The park has two outdoor hockey rinks. Adults, including Marchand, were playing on one them, while children were playing on the other.

For more information about outdoor rinks in Montreal – which rinks are open, and what the quality of their ice is – visit the city of Montreal web page that contains this information. Note, however, that some boroughs provide more frequent updates than others.



Les F said...

Check out Montreal's big outdoor rink,at Montreal Webcam Old Port camera:
Once there click on the picture to go to Full Screen,.there's a ton of people out there right now,skating around,looks like they are enjoying themselves...................... HF&RV

john allison said...

That is beautiful. Those were the days my friend...We thought they would never end!!!!!!! There's a song in there, somewhere!!!!! EH?????

Bob Bisnett said...

That's pretty cool. A nice way to "visit" Montreal.