Sunday, December 6, 2009

Circus in Verdun in 1968

Here is another discovery I made in our archives (SHGV), a photo of a circus that was held in  Verdun  in 1968 showing a group of elephants near the Auditorium and the Stadium. Look at the straw they had to spread on the ground to control all that poop. I don't think they would allow the public near these animals today as they could be very dangerous under certain circumstances.



Les F said...

Now these are new photos to me,I don't remember a circus event being held at the Stadium,but I moved from Verdun in Nov' '68 to live in Ville Lasalle.
The only straw I do remember in the stadium,was when they held the archery events,..(they had big bales of hay to shoot the arrows into) anyone else remember those ???
Maybe in your travels you may find some old photo's of Provincial Games (like olympic games) also held in the Stadium,these were Track & Field events, ( I did the javelin & shotput)
Other memories of the old Stadium aside from the football angle ,was that once a year the Verdun Fire Department would show us all the equipment ,from the Fire hoses,firing across the field , to the firemen holding one of those old trampoline style nets for us kids to jump into from the top of the little shack in the stadium.........all good old memories ...........................HF&RV

Bill McKiernon said...

I remember being at the Verdun Circus. I lived at 4465 LaSalle Blvd at the time (Between Willibroad & Rielle). OMG - you are right about it NEVER happening today with the threat of elephants stepping on somebody. Of course WE were a lot smarter then too!

robert jomphe said...

I was there also and I remember the elephant guy giving away the manure for gardeners that wanted it.
I also saw the tallest, skinniest guy in my life. Granted I'm not very tall at 5'3" but his belt buckle was higher than my head, but he did have cowboy boots maybe that added some height