Saturday, April 4, 2009

Le Pavillon, Foundation of Verdun 1876

Here is another photo of the Le Pavillon wich was situated near the corner of Church and LaSalle Blvd and wich was demolished in 1954 as reported in the Guardian of the 30th of September 1954..

It is in this building that the City of Verdun was founded in 1876 and the Knights of Columbus were the last residents.

As I have mentioned before, it is a  real tragedy that this historical building was permitted to be demolished to be replaced by a car wash.

I doubt that today such an important historical building would be alowed to be demolished as the population is more concerned in these matters as compared to 1954. Thank god that the Maison St Dizier was not destroyed (Old Stone House) wich is the oldest house in Verdun (built 1710). I have added this photo to my album no. 29.


Please Note: Edward Wilson was the mayor of Verdun in 1954.


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