Monday, April 6, 2009

Ferry St Louis

                                                     Here is an excellant photo of a typical ferry that operated between Verdun and Laprairie wich I found in an old Guardian at the SHGV. It is at the second ave wharf (Quaie Leblanc) and you can also see the tracks of the Lower Lachine Road (LaSalle) streetcar nearby. I have added the photo to my Album no. 28. I have added a photo of the Leblanc Wharf wich gives us a view from the opposite direction. These ferries stopped operating in the late 30s.



pauline garneau said...

Old Laprairie must have been a cute little town back then for Verduners to have picnics. It resembles Old Montreal. It still has the narrow streets and the old Church. Enough of the old buildings still stand.

Jean-Marie Hachey said...

Hi Guy !

The single set of tracks in the photo belong to streetcar’s Route 53-Lachine Rapids which ran along Lower Lachine Road (today, Lasalle Blvd).

BTW, do you have a bigger format ?
… and what is the date of that issue of the Guardian ?

Very interesting pic, thanks for posting it.


Guy Billard said...

You are rigth, I meant Lower Lachine Road tramway and not the Wellington streetcar. The photo was taken with a camera so it is the best I can do. As far as the Guardian issue, I will have to check it out and get back to you. The Guardian had the brilliant idea of posting old Verdun photos and they are an historical gold mine in our archvies (SHGV).

pauline garneau said...

We often take the ferry from Cumberland Head in Plattsburgh NY to the Vermont side and see people getting on the ferry without a car and wondering why they would get on a ferry without a car.Back then I guess they would never have thought a ferry would be a means of transportation for Automobiles.
Back then did they know not to ..... paid the ferry man until he gets you to the other side? Chris DeBurgh ..........Pauline