Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will Create 'Dust' ...no foolin , thanks for the News Flash

Here's a genius revelation,.......Demolishing the Turcot Interchange area,will create dust.say it isn't so Sherlock, here's some news from the CJAD site:

Turcot contruction project will bring noise, dust and expropriation to surrounding neighbourhoods.

Tue, 2009-03-24 15:41.
Angelica Montgomery

About 50 properties, including nearly 200 apartment suites will be expropriated around the interchange.
 The bureau for public consultation says the province is trying to find a way to keep an affordable housing unit in the area.

The environmental impact study released today also says demolition will go on at night "which is susceptible to altering residents' quality of life."

Even once the interchange is complete, it will have a lasting effect on some neighbourhood streets.
According to the report, "the rearrangement of the Turcot interchange onto local streets has highlighted several problems."  
However, the report says the construction will greatly reduce the threat that would be posed by an earthquake, and would benefit the economy.

.....and all of a suddent ,they are concerned about Earthquakes......hahahahaha Did this thought just pop up,..but not in the last 45 years.............

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Ken McLaughlin said...

And I always thought that they had tamed the "Decarie Faultline" when they dug the expressway. That whole project just gets dumber and dumber as they go along.

Ken M