Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Verdun Statistics

Here are some interesting statistics on Verdun for the period 2001 to 2006 wich should interest the members:

Montreal growth 2.3%

Verdun growth 9%

40% of Verdun families are single parents.

25% for the Island of Montreal

45% for the center of Verdun (Wellington/Church)

31% for the Desmarchais/crawford district


+14% growth for Montreal

+46.8% growth for Verdun

30% of Montreal population is formed of immigrants

19% of Verdun population is formed of immigrants

The 3 important languages in Verdun after French and English are Chinese, Arab and Spanish

20% did not complete high school in Verdun

22.8% did not complete high school in Montreal

9.2% unemployment for Montreal

8.7% unemployed for Verdun

4.4% unemployed on Nun's Island

$30,117 average salary for Montreal

$23,000 average salary for center of Verdun (Wellington/Church)

$29,423 average salary for Desmarchais/Crawford sector

$68,00 average salary for Nun's Island

These statistics are from the ACTION VERDUN site (see my link) The site specifies that today's figures would be slightly different.


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Guy Billard said...

Here is the translation of an article by Pierre Lussier in Le Messager. This is the last paragraph wich will interest members:

The francophones are largly the majority in the 3 sectors of Verdun and their demographic weight has increased in comparison to the anglophones. In total, the residents whose maternal languange is french, make up 62.7% of the population, 16.5% are of english language and 18.7% are allophones. The relative importance of francophones has slightly diminished with the arrival of a strong contingent of allophones. However, this diminishment has been two and a half times less than the anglophones. For the past 10 years, the demographic weight of the anglophones has diminished in an important way, namely 21% between 1996 and 2006, according to researchers who are pondering the isolation of this community, very few of wich are present in the decision organisms in the borough.