Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Verdun Scenes

            These photos appeared in the 1976 La Presse wich all Verdunites will recognize, the lined up galleries, the Promenade (Boardwalk) in the winter with the Manoir Verdun in the background. The photographer, Paul-Henri Talbot really knows his trade.



Diane Roberts said...

Good to hear someone else call them "galleries" instead of balconies Guy! Must admit, I don't know what the correct terms are anymore...gallery or balcony, Verdunite or Verduner? Might even be some other terms that are different. Anyway, it's not important and this Verdunite loved sitting on the gallery watching the world go by!...Diane

Guy Billard said...

I checked the dictionary and both terms seem to be correct although balcony (french: balcon) may be a better term. Who has'nt heard the expression "Balconville".
Verdunite is the correct word (french: Verdunois).
Working in both languages on a daily basis, I sometimes get confused with certain words but it is important to me to be as precise as possible. Thanks for bringing up the subject.