Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Under the 'Yikes' column

Talk about time flying by,.......Tomorow(Thursday) is the last day of Winter......  Spring starts Friday.....Seems like we just had New Year's.............   

Remember as a kid in Montreal,the weather would be starting to get nicer and the skates were over with,by now,.but the 'street Ball Hockey' was just coming into play.

Also the men who worked for the City of Verdun,.would soon be seen 'sweeping' the streets with those large old wide brooms (that usually stood upside down on the back of a Garbage Truck,..  they'd sweep all the sidewalks & clear then of all the sand that was used over the winter,...and there was that certain 'fresh smell' of Springtime...

also was that not do fresh smell of dog shit that was left over from having been trapped in all those snow banks for the winter,frozen......hahahahahah

actually Verdun (Montreal for that matter too) were well kept Cities ,always clean,considering the population, the lanes (that's another story).....yikes!!!


                                                                Have Fun & Remember Verdun

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