Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scotty Bowman

There is an excellant biography of Scotty Bowman in english by Bob Dudbois on the Messager site:


While your at it, check out the SOUVENIR section showing various Verdun scenes wich I have posted in recent weeks.




Les F said...

It is a good story Guy,and worth reading (if your a hockey fan of course) Why don't you post the whole article on here for everyone to read ? I posted a copy ,on mine ,but since you discovered it, I thought it would good if you re-posted it here,..
Btw: I read your contributions on the Messanger (Messager) site,.Very good ,keeping Verdun History alive & well, Thanks for the info on the Scotty story .

ps: Guy the 'link' you have posted in this post ,doesn't seem to open for me, I get a 'page not available' notice.??? HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

I will let you post the Scotty Bowman biography on this site as I do not know how to do it. I had no trouble connecting to the site. It's a two step process so try again.
I would like to see the City of Verdun name a building in Verdun in recognition of Scotty Bowman's achievments. He is the most famous Verdunite in the field of sports, bar none and is well respected by both the french and english communities . He is bilingual no doubt from playing street hockey and in the lanes with the french boys. There is also pictures of the Bannantyne school in my photo Album no. 7. (that's the elementary school Maggie went to)
Why not the Auditorium ?
THE SCOTTY BOWMAN AUDITORIUM, does'nt that sound great.
I have a picture I took of his home on 5th avenue in my Album no. 12, the address is 732 - 5th ave. Check it out. Also, he mentions in his biography that he went to Bannantyne school in the middle 40s wich was in front of my home. I may even have crossed his path without knowing how famous he would become.

Sandy Walsh said...

Go Habs Go!