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Remember Maislin's Trucking (may have to scroll a bit)


Maislin's was a fairly large trucking outfit ,for many years in Ville Lasalle on Newman Blvd,.......remember that end of Newman which seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere,......and across the street from Maislin's was a little house style bar,....and one of the guys from Verdun ran a motorcycle shop or body shop near there too,.I can't recall his name now,but I'm sure one of you do Remember it.

In anycase here's some old Maislin Photo's ,.    checkout Hank's Truck Pictures for more trucks etc etc ,.or the Diesel Gypsy.............                    HF&RV


In 1945, four Canadian brothers borrowed a thousand dollars to make a down payment on a used truck. From these modest beginnings, operating from their mother's kitchen, they launched a local cartage service.

The original group was later joined by three more brothers and a brother-in-law. Together, they transformed the modest initial investment into one of the largest trucking companies in North America: Maislin Transport.

During the early years, Maislin operated from two locations: Montreal and New York. The primary commodities transported were fish from Canada to the United States and fruit from the United States to Canada.

During the next ten years, the company was incorporated and grew rapidly; opening offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Champlain, New York as well as in Toronto, Ontario with Montreal serving as the base of operations. In time, the company expanded its operations in Ontario, Quebec, New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

The Maislin name on trucks became synonymous with fast, safe and dependable service covering a wide area in the United States and Canada.

In late 1972, Maislin Transport became a public corporation trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Montreal Stock Exchange (now known as the Montreal Exchange) as part of the Maislin Industries Limited Group.

Although the economy was experiencing a downturn in the late 70s, a time when most trucking companies suffered losses, Maislin was running a profitable operation and so the decision was made to purchase Gateway and Quinn Motor Freight, two transport companies, for strategic purposes.
During that same period the United States and Canadian governments deregulated the transport industry. The combined effects of deregulation and recession in North America, including stagflation, with 18% interest rates, forced Maislin to close its doors in 1982.

In 1984, Morrie Maislin, a veteran of the transport industry and his brother Alan, began Maisliner Transport. Maisliner operated a small terminal in LaSalle, Quebec and formed a strategic alliance with a company in New York. As sales increased, Maisliner formed another alliance with a company in New England with the goal of providing 24 to 48 hours service to existing clients. In time, Maisliner also opened a California to Canada direct service.

At present, Maisliner runs with its own equipment between Montreal and NY/NJ, New England, Los Angeles, the Carolinas, and Georgia. For all other points, we work in conjunction with our interline partners to offer complete North American coverage.

To complement our ground service, we have added a logistics division that offers worldwide ocean and airfreight services as well as a cross-border division that offers small parcel service, warehouse and distribution to and from the United States.


maislinerlogo              Maislin still maintains a website,I didn't know this,........ 


Sandy Walsh said...

In the '70's and '80's there were hundreds of Maislin trucks going up and down 87 transporting newsprint down to the States from Gatineau and Three Rivers for CIP (and those competitors too). We used to often stand at the snack bar in Kresge's having lunch looking directly across at Eaton's side entrance. The waitress who always served us had a husband who drove a Maislin truck. Quite often he would go down that street (was it Mansfield?) and stop and beep his horn and his wife would wave to him. We loved the hot dogs and meat pies and french fries there and it was quick so we could then go and shop in Eaton's. We got a lot done on a one hour lunch.

Madeleine Buckley said...

My dad, René Bérubé, and Howard Walker were killed when my dad's car was hit by a Maislin truck on Dec. 30, 1963, in Ville Lasalle. My memories of Maislin are not so pleasant, unfortunately.

Les F said...

Just added a page re: Maislin Trucking History,from their own website, which I was surprised to find as I thought they were out of business,,,,,, However I also added the link ,along with the history story,in the topic thread.......... HF&RV

Rich Michelle said...

I remember this truck lot out in lasalle , interesting that it is still around.It wa s avery desolate area i thought. but you could cut through to laverendrye blvd near there maybe thiery st

kevin delaney said...

Sam Maislin was a very kind a generous man....I have only fond memories of him.....he was always there when my family was in need and never ever asked for anything in return. He was a great person.
Kevin Delaney

Jenn Glover said...

According to my father, The Late Clifford Glover, who was an truck driver with Maislin for years was laid off during the 1982 shut down of the company. Good ole Sammy Maislin was a very compassionate man, left his company for his sons and they bought into the company Black Horse and it went belly up as my father put it.. Meanwhile everyone that invested in the company had suffered great losses that affected my father and many others for years to come. I remember it well being on the front page of the Gazette with my Dad at 12, a very tough time for my father, Single father of 5, Needless to say we survived but what was really upsetting was my father Was a good man and worked very hard, and he deserved far more respect and shouldn't have lost $5000,00 dollars of shares in the company. maybe right now in 2010 5 grand doesn't seem much but in 1982 it was a good chunk of change,, and to come and find out that they continued under maisliner and my father wasn't hired. That wasnt called for. I am sure that Sam Maislin wasn't happy about that, i don't blame him really. He liked me alot always nice. .I wish there was more compassion in the world.

dean Smith said...

Im wondering, would anyone remember John Reardon who drove for Maislin back in the late 70s early 80 in the Boston Mass area,his my late uncle
inlaw and was married to my wifes English aunt Doris,any stories would be appreciated, Dean London England

Susan Rowe said...

My father, George Berard, drove for Maislin's out of Springfield MA, on Page Boulevard.

Les F said...

Thanks for the input, Did your Dad have any old photos from those driving days ? We would like to see them if you do...... Cheers ! Les

isabel shulko said...

When The Teamsters Union were on stick at Maislin one of the drivers went out and purchased several chickens. He had posters made up in BOLD red letters reading "ON STRICK". He attached the posters to the chickens and had them march up and down with a long string attached to one of their feet so they could not go too far. If you are on strick you had to put in time on the picket line to get strick pay and this applies today, also. The driver was Tom Jennings and he got paid and made the cover of every newspaper. Tom and his brother, Fred, were one of a kind! He wanted pay for the chickens, also!!!!!

isabel shulko said...

My late husband, Kenneth Shulko, worked and loved working at Maislin. The best story I can tell was in 1977 when Elvis died. All Maislin drivers were at my husband's residence paying respect to the KING! The dispatchers could not find a driver- they shut down the movement of freight for that day! The next day lots of hang overs and SAM was fuming!

isabel shulko said...

My husband's handle was "SUGAR SHACK" KENNETH G. SHULKO R.I.P.

Les F said...

Wow great inside stuff,..thanks for the input. .......Cheers ! -Les

Les F said...

Wow great inside stuff,..thanks for the input. .......Cheers ! -Les
Sounds like Sam was really Po'd ................. Cheers ! -Les

Rob Hastings said...

At one time or another, my entire family drove for Maislin. My Grandfather started in the late 50's and my Dad and Uncles followed.. I was told that on the way home from the hospital my Dad had to stop at the old Mid-Con Truck yeard in Toronto to show me off to Sam.. My Grandfather retired in 1981 as number 1 highway man out of Kennedy Rd. My Dad had left in the 60's to run long haul but one of my Uncles and a cousin were still there in 82 when the gates were locked.

BIG GUY said...


BIG GUY said...


Jason Jasper said...

My grandfather drove for them He also got me a metal truck, that I still have to this very day on my shelf with the flat front cab and trailer blue with a white stipr and MAISLIN on it. Man what I wouldnt do to get a newer one just to put them side by side. Anyhow, my grandfather, Paul Duval I think realy liked his job there. We lived in Nashua NH and I dont know were he drove out of, but he was home every night.

Les F said...

Wow that would be cool to see a photo of that collectible........feel free to share that one with us if you want......... Thanks for the input by the way:
and you are more than Welcome to join this site too,if you want.. Cheers ! - Les

stan said...

Grew up in ville emard just across the canal from verdun.
Maislin Bros. still remember it well worked on newman blvd in la salle, i was a truck mechanic there for 15 years right until 1983 when we all lost our jobs.
I can still remember repairing all those trucks in the photos .
still some good memories

stan said...

Grew up in ville emard just across the canal from verdun.
Maislin Bros. still remember it well worked on newman blvd in la salle, i was a truck mechanic there for 15 years right until 1983 when we all lost our jobs.
I can still remember repairing all those trucks in the photos .
still some good memories

reta bickerstaff said...

I don't know if anyone remembers me, but my name is Reta Bickerstaff. I worked at Maislin Transport for about 6 years. I trained on Shorncliffe, Worked at MidCon for a few years RusBailey as Manager, Bernie Maislin had an office there, then I was transferred out to Kennedy road, where I worked as Tracing supervisor for 3 plus years. John Dennis was the terminal manager at that time. I must say that I worked at several Trucking companies since Maislin, but none of them could compare to the Owner's/Maislin Brother, and staff/friends that I made there. It was one big happy family. I am still a trucker at heart. Those were the good ole days. If anyone remembers me I am on FB at..Reta Harris Bickerstaff....Please look me up. I have several photo's that some may be interested in. Great memories. 'Chow for now.

Les_F said...

Reta thanks for surfing by & providing some input. I don't actively run this site like I once did , however I just may fire it back up again at some point & I would welcome any photos or stories you would like to share. I am not on FB but can certainly try to look up your pafe sometime. Cheers ! & Thanks for popping by. -LesF

André Jeannetôt said...

André Jeannetôt said....
I heard so MANY stories from my deceased Father Georges , that passed away in 1997.
He started working for Mr, Sam Maislin , in 1950 on WILLIAM street in Pointe ST Charles and running the Triangle on the U.S Side for 33 years , whit is friend ... A.Crevier , J.G lebrun , and many more.
I was so little but i remember my DAD arriving from is trip and accros the street from MAISLIN , THE NEWMAN BAR, DRIVER ANG A ROUND .. WOW

André Jeannetôt said...

Another comment, it's ok that MAISLINER took over MAISLIN TRANSPORT wy not it.s family business .
TKS Mr.Maislin for they hockey tickets and also tickets for the wresling at the JARRY PARK....
And much mores .

Jeff M said...

My dad drove for Masilin out of Syracuse and later Buffalo, NY until the closing. He worked after the closing shuttling equipment thinking he could earn some extra $$ before officially being unemployed. They rewarded him by not paying him. He always blamed the Gateway purchase as well as the sons taking over from their fathers (the original brothers who started the company)with running the company into the ground. Then they get to reopen as "Masiliner". What about all the employees you screwed over?

susan said...

I don't know why, today, I was thinking of the Maislin Brothers. Wondered whatever happened to the business. So, I just googled Maislin.
Lots of interesting comments here.
When I was a kid, my family was invited up two separate summers to the 'lodge' in the Laurentians. My dad was in export and did business with them.
We rode horses, swam, waterskied, played pool and had fun in the kitchen, when we weren't supposed to be in there!
Those holidays were my favorite childhood (teenager) memories and I still have some pictures from up there. I loved it up there, became friends with some young Maislin relatives and the people that worked there were all so friendly.
The Maislins I knew were all nice people, fun and generous, and enjoyed having young people around.

Unknown said...

like Susan, I was thinking about Maslin today, so I googled it.
i'm in my mid 40's now, but as a kid I use to go down to Bernard Maslin's cottage on lake Ontario, near Napanee. I used to like going there and hanging out with Mark & David.
Bernard would come to visit my grandfather and I remember watching the wintario on Friday nights (I think it was Fridays) at 11pm to se the numbers, Maslin would have a box of tickets.
Bernard had the biggest ring I can remember it was black and gold with BM in diamonds and my dad said it was for black market. I don't think they where the most honest, but very nice.
I still remember the maslin transpot t shirt (light blue and it had all the depots on it). good memories.

David Vick said...

i was unemployed and maislin had a training program for rate clerks because they were closing down the gaeway office in lacrosse wi. ui said there were no places open my next door neighbor was secretary to sam, guess who was in the program the next day. i worked for them a year before they went bankrupt.

sam was a nice guy met him a number of times he even attended my neighbors daughters wedding reception.

Cindy said...

Like family went to the "Lodge" in the Laurentians! Loved it! The Maislins were all wonderful and generous people!

Oldtimer 11 said...

I worked out of Maislin's Buffalo NY terminal from 1966 until they went bankrupt in 1983, not 1982.

It was a great company when it was run by Sam Maislin. After his son Alan took over. not so much.

When Alan announced the purchase of Gateway Trucking, the deregulation bills were already pending in Congress. I thought Alan Maislin must have had information that deregulation wouldn't go through because Gateway hand nothing worthwhile but the rights and they became worthless as soon as the bill passed. it turned out that Alan Maislin was no Sam.

To the person who commented about it not mattering if they went bankrupt under one an\\name and started up under a different one because it was a family business.], no it wasn't because they had sold stock, both to the public and to employees.

It is my opinion that they had a several year plan to milk money out of the company pockets and into the family's. The scheme included moving central dispatch from Montreal to Tampa Florida by selling family owned condos the the company, and selling all the US rolling stock to leasing companies.

When Maisling went bankrupt, I was not only out of a job, but somehow the company had un-cashed the paycheck I had deposited the week before. I had to pay the bank back for that one, didn't get the one due the day they decided to go bankrupt or the one for the following week.

We also found out our health insurance through the union had been cancelled because they had not been paying it or the pension funds which meant we had to get another job in the pension plan or lose all credit.

I filed a bankruptcy claim for over 13,000 dollars and got a little over $200, 8 years later.

I have many fond memories of Maislin Trucking, but none after Sam Maislin got sick and had to retire. For many years it was a place you could be proud to work at.

I will leave you with one amusing story,

A friend of mine used to drive milk tanker in the western Adirondacks. One day he had to cover a run further East and he stopped at a diner on old route 9 which used to be Maislin's route to NY city before the Northway opened up.
It was the very early hours of Monday morning, maybe 3 am.

As he went to leave, the customer sitting next to him said "You aren't going out on the road now are you? Those Montreal drivers from Maislin will be coming through here any minute. He told the other customer he wasn't afraid of any other drivers.

When he paid his check, the waitress repeated the warning. He just shook his head at him. He was just reaching for the door handle when a State Trooper came in and looked at him in alarm and said " You aren't going to go out on the road now are you?.

Joe K. said...

I was a road driver for Maislin out of New Jersey (East Rutherford then Kearny) from 1974 till the end. It was a fantastic job when Saul (in NJ) and Sam were still running things. Sadly, it didn't end up that way in later years. Lots of good memories of my time there though.

Unknown said...

Don Peterson
I started with Maislin in mid 70's in Toronto first at shorncliffe, transferred to Mid-Con on the Queensway. when they shut down shorncliffe we all got transferred to new terminal on kennedy rd. I started out as city driver later going to hwy dept. working for Sam Maislin trans was a great job and working for Sam Maislin. he was tough when he had to be but he treated everybody fair. Sam knew what it was like being a driver and not afraid to get his hand's dirty doing it. doing his own repairs on the road at the beginning of getting the company started. when he got to the point he couldn't run the business due to his health. the reigns of power went to Allan and Steve Maislin ( I cant remember if these were Sam's son's or nephew's.) after that everything slowly started to come apart. they wouldn't think of getting dirt under there nail's being born with a silver spoon in there mouth. it's to bad they destroyed everything that the original Maislin brothers had started and grew to such an Empire. I was working that fatal day Maislin shut down and closed it's doors leaving everybody in such a caos. along with other drivers we closed the gates ourselves, so no customer to get in to pick up his freight without a court order, we didn't want to but it was the only way we had to fight back, we lost out pay's and vacation pay's. the news media was there interviewing drivers myself included as to what and where we go from here. when the bank sent rental drivers Cpl night's later to retrieve the city truck's and hwy tractors. the police were there also. we caused the bank a lot of extra money to get them out. we asked the police to check these guy's for proper licence's to drive the equipment. some didn't even have one or were under suspension and such. they got sent on there way without anything. next came the wreckers to pull them out which we delayed them as much as possible as the police got between us and them. that was the end of Maislin Transport as we knew back then.
my memory of working there was one night I came in for dispatch for hwy. at that time Nick Amodeo was terminal manager, there was about 7 or 8 other hwy drivers waiting for dispatch. when it was my turn I cant remember exactly what happened but nick and myself got into such a heated argument, I reached thru the small opening in glass to grab hold of him, he stepped back I pulled, my arm back and took off down the hall to get to the door to get inside office. son of bitch beat me there and got it locked, by this time the other drivers standing there just stood back and left me be in livid state. I was so pissed I went home called union, union rep, union steward. landed up with day suspension with threatening management.
as karma would have it not long after standing at top of stairs Nick got fired as he walked down the stairs with his personal items in tow. I told him have a nice day nicky, he glanced up and just kept going. think he knew he had nowhere to run if he had said something. which to this day I wish he had.

Les_F said...

Great recollection Don thanks for your input. Cheers ! LesF

Aaron M said...

My grand father and father drove for Maislin out of Kearny,NJ for years ! George Montena Sr. And Jr.