Thursday, March 5, 2009

Molson a recognizable Montreal Building

Molson’s Clock goes High-tech

Molson Clock at Montreal Brewery

For those who live in Montreal or have seen the Molson brewery there recently, you may have noticed some renovations on the west wall of the brewery, facing downtown. The symbolic clock,  in the shape of our Molson Export brand label, was given a lighting-makeover.  The clock’s former neon lights were replaced with LED lighting components that will allow it to shine on just 28% of the energy it previously used to operate.  The new lights will last six times longer too.

Did you know?

The clock dates back to 1950 and has a pretty big impact on the community in Montreal.

Whenever the clock malfunctions or is stopped for maintenance, the citizens of the Borough of Ville-Marie are quick to call Molson and let Serge Chevrier (Molson employee in Montreal who is responsible for the clock’s upkeep) know that it’s not working and also ask when it will be functioning again.  Serge gets tons of calls if the clock isn’t adjusted immediately when daylight savings time changes occur!

Happy Wednesday!

Molson Clock at Montreal Brewery

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