Monday, March 16, 2009

Historical Pavillon Demolished in 1954

While going through the old Verdun Guardians on Saturday, I came upon this article. This shows how powerful those oil companies are. The 225 year old house built in 1729 was the second oldest house in Verdun after the Maison Saint-Dizier (Old Stone House) wich was built in 1710. As the article says, the city council approved the demolition to allow the construction of an Imperial Oil gas station. Where were the citizens to stop the destruction of Verdun history. The creation of Verdun was signed in that building in 1876. Also it was in this house that the body of the soldier killed in the last duel held in Canada was brought as I previously reported. This house was situated on LaSalle Boulevard near Church. The Knights of Columbus were the  tenants prior to it's demolition.

What a shame.




john allison said...

Guy. You are right. It is a shame. Secret deals again, maybe??? There was money invlved is my guess!!!!

Diane Roberts said...

Historical building demolished for a gas station? Did this require approval by the Provincial Government or was it strictly a local decision? Corruption was widespread in the Duplessis era, so who knows, maybe he had a "hand" in it...Swiss bank accounts as I seem to recall!...Diane

Les F said...

Many politicians destroyed historic type buildings,despite opinions to the contrary,.but Drapeau had the most devasdting affect on many of Montreal's neighbourhood's despite loud voices against,.
Usually when municpally owned land gets sold or rezoned .to accomodate a private venture,.it's because someone 'knew' someone (read paid them off)'s happening with Gerald Tremblay mayor of Montreal right now,where he sold or OK'd a deal to sell public lands valued in excess of 33million ,to a developer, for the princely sum of 4.4 million .........ahhhh Politics as usual:

Ken McLaughlin said...

Yea, it is the same ol same ol. Politicians are smart enough today as a rule to keep payola out of the books but with "in kind" contributions being popular they can get their palms greased forever and there is no way to trace it. The Griffintown project just had so much bullshit built right in.

Ken M

Guy Billard said...

I will be on duty tomorrow (Saturday 21st March) at the Société d'Histoire et de Généalogie de Verdun (SHGV) below the Verdun Cultural Centre (Verdun Library) corner Bannantyne and Brown Blvd. If you would like to drop by I will show you around.