Friday, March 27, 2009

Dr Norman Bethune


This is the book by Roderick Stewart wich I read and wich shows on page 71 the reference to the YMCA. We have 3 versions of this book by the same author in our local library including 1 copy in french and it is only in the enclosed english  version that it is mentioned that he had a clinic at the YMCA in Verdun in the mdi 30s  so it is obvious that it is considered a minor incident in his life by the publishers.

We have 2 researchers from the city of Montreal looking in the old newspapers at our society (SHVG) looking for more details about the YMCA clinic and Dr Norman Bethune's involvment. This is for the Dr Norman Bethune display at the Museum at Youville square and wich have a grand opening ceremony this summer where very important people including the Chinese delegate will be invited. As a matter a fact, our society is invited and I intend to be present. Our contribution includes the photos as well as other information I found in our archives. I have asked that our involment be displayed and I was assured that our society we will be mentioned.

Dr Norman Bethune was surgeon in chief at the Hôpital Sacré Coeur in Cartierville at the beginning of the 30s and has a wing named after him and a prominent display in the hospitals library and some surgical instruments he used while there. My wife is treated at that hospital wich is only 10 minutes from my home and I will be going there with her in a couple of weeks and I will visit that section and take photos if I am permitted.



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