Monday, March 23, 2009

Congoleum (ST PatrickSt)

From the McGill pages of buildings etc's a few shots of a company called 'Congoleum' ..........Diane 's Dad was the Foreman here,......   here's the link








Hope this helps.........................have fun & remember verdun

Industrial Architecture Montreal




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Building Name: Congoleum Canada Ltd.
Street: 3700, rue St-Patrick
Architect: (unknown)


Diane Roberts said...

You're a doll Les, thanks heaps! I can remember going in the entrance in the photo and my dad taking me through the factory to his little glassed in office in the middle of it. We often used to visit on a Sunday to wash his car in exactly the same spot as the car park!...Diane

Diane Roberts said...

Thought I'd give a little background. My dad Bill Roberts started working at Congoleum at age 16 or 17 as a night watchman as a second job! Over the years he worked his way up and was Foreman for many years until he passed away at age 64...6 months before retirement. When he married my mother Hilda Parsons (both from Pointe St Charles) they moved into 676 Third Ave when it was brand new and stayed there all their lives. Hard to imagine those flats were ever new, but they were a palace to a newly wed young couple from the Point!...Diane