Saturday, November 22, 2008

Verdun History - Richelieu/Gagnon House

You're absolutely right... 


Yes, now I remember.  It was almost right
across from Yvette's store.


The house had a big "R" crest (Richelieu House) on the
front of the house.  I used to steel plums from the trees at the back of
the house (facing the boardwalk).  Those were the best, sweetest and
juiciest plums in the world.


For some reason, I was thinking the house was being
identified as being between 1st and Willibrord insteat of Willibrord and


We never knew it as Gagnon house.  We always
called it the Richelieu Club House.




 Louise Lafontaine 



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les__f MSN said...

Sorry so far this photo which I have posted years ago ,is the only one I can find,...but I'll keep looking .............with any luck I'll stumble on the Lasalle House                                                                                       HF&RV