Monday, November 10, 2008

Newly Scanned Photos!

Good Morning, all! Guess who got a photo scanner on the weekend. I went through my old pics and found one of our Dawson's Glee Club.
You can find them in the photo section here on this site.
Some of you may have been members there in the early sixties and will find yourself in the photo.
Also scanned a pic of our fourth grade class (1963-1964 year) at St. Thomas More school. Mrs. Timlin was the teacher then and she is in the photo as well. I recognize Debby Belizle, Debby Rankin and many others.
The last pic is a newspaper cutting showing our basketball team. If you enlarge the pic you'll see that I've written in the names of the members above each member's head.

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les__f MSN said...

Very neat Susan (____Duck)...Verdun Phoos are always good to see,.I see you guys had the same luxury many of us had with our own pool on the back gallery...........hahahaha We could look at almost everyone of our old photos & I'll bet we find a lot of the same type of shots, & the one of the sled too.  Glad you got yourself a new will have fun with that ,scanning & posting or emailing pics to fiends etc etc ...       Thanks for the input,................   HF&RV