Sunday, October 5, 2008

VHS Reunion Poll

The planning committee will soon post a message here asking for your input. Here is a link to the poll: Please fill in the categories yourself. Thanks, Maggie


maggiemck MSN said...

VHS Renion - The Sequel !

From the same people who brought you the successful 2001 event.
You asked for bigger and better - so please see our tentative plans.
We need your feed-back to let us know whether this cost/type of
event would be one that you would attend, since reservations and
bookings must be done soon. Open to VHS grads.

WHEN: Fall 2009

WHERE: Hotel Ballroom

WITH: Full Buffet Supper catered by hotel

BONUS: Entertainment by Help ! The Beatles Tribute Band
Take a trip into the past with 2 sets - costume and stage per
the early 60's, then the Sgt. Pepper years. Simply put, they
will blow your socks off. To see a sample of one of their performances
click on

COST: $80-$85 per person (cheaper than a nite out in Toronto ?)
Any profits if realized will be given to charity as per last time.

Since we as organizers will be required to make advance financial
commitments, we need to know that there is concrete support for
this event: and that you will be able to assist us by making an advance
deposit on your ticket. More details to follow as we see the poll results.
Keep watching Verdun Connections for all the news.

onesmac0 MSN said...

Is this a Verdun High School reunion? I imagine there is no specific year and anyone can go. If this reunion is mid April I can definitely go. I would like to know if any other VC members are thinking of going. It would be a great place to meet each other. It says fall. It will most likely be before April then.

maggiemck MSN said...

This "VHS" Reunionn is open to all years' Verdun High Students (and their significant others) only. It will most likely be held in September 2009. Please click on the link to the poll board :  and share your opinions.

maggiemck MSN said...

If you "would attend" you should include an email address when filling in the poll. You can go back and add it if you left it out.

celry1 MSN said...

I would most definitely attend.  Heather Ryan      

the lad MSN said...

Hi   I might have missed it. Which hotel is it going to be in?   Thanks Lad

gpilon MSN said...

I very seldom pass up an opportunity to hook up with old friends from VHS/Verdun! Maggie....can you email me please as I would like to contact you re some information. Thanks.

gorderic MSN said...

Glen:   I see that you are now living in Savannah, Georgia. The winters will be much more benign than what you enjoyed in Syracuse. Has Louise also retired or is your place of residence not really an issue?   Maybe we should have our reunion in January in Savannah.   Gord Gibbons

maggiemck MSN said...

In 2001, the "oldest" grad was from the class of  '25. Are there any still out there?

gpilon MSN said...

Hey Gord.   Good to hear from you. The new home in Savannah will be finished in early January, and once we get the home here in Syracuse sold, I am outta here. Golf year-round has a nice sound to it. Louise continues to work/live in Dublin, Ireland so we commute back and forth and she is in the US approx. 3 times a month for 1-4 days at a time, and I head over every 4 weeks or so for 5-8 days. She will be back in the US in about 2 years and her company have asked if she would like to be considered to possibly be the next CEO at that time. Should that happen, we will rent a home in Skaneateles (just outside Syracuse and where the company is located) and then will commute back and forth to Savannah. I am heading there Tuesday for 4 days to meet with our architect, builder and some of the contractors. And will also get 3 rounds in. Hope you guys are well and look forward to seeing you soon. Will probably be back for the annual Xmas Reunion again this year.   Glen

stangiles MSN said...

The purpose of a reunion is usually to meet old friends and acquaintances and "catch up". There was a general concensus from the last reunion that it was difficult to have a conversation over the music. What's the situation going to be like with a tribute band ?!?!

maggiemck MSN said...

Please be sure to include your email addresses if you are interested in attending the reunion. The committee will send registration information to all those that have shown interest and have included email addresses. They will have advance notice of ticket sales.  

maggiemck MSN said...

If you want to participate in the poll, but do not wish to join Verdun Connections, any member can fill out the poll for you. You can also email me, , and I will enter your information for you. As stated in the previous post, email addresses are a must if you wish to be counted as a "yes" and be notified by the committee when tickets are available.

tech3055 MSN said...

This message has been deleted by the author.

tech3055 MSN said...

  Please read the announcement in full. There is no concrete date or location announced because this is a poll: of tentative plans and the probable cost per person. We are seeking your thoughts on the plans/cost.....would you attend on the basis of those ?   As per the "general concensus" stated......quite simply put, no such consensus was ever brought to the attention of the organizers of the 2001 event.  If this event goes on as planned, the band would only have 2 sets of approx 1 hour. Any other background music by a DJ would be of a specified volume, and anyone who would deem it too loud need simply inform the organizers. An added bonus, if the event goes through as planned,  there exists a foyer outside the ballroom we have in mind - should you wish to get away from it all !     Cheers !!

maggiemck MSN said...

Are there any more souls out there that want to include their opinions in the VHS Reunion poll? If you can't or don't want to attend, it would be nice to see your reasons or thoughts on the plans too.

hamboy3 MSN said...

Where is the Hotel Ballroom?

maggiemck MSN said...

It will be in the Montreal area. Not yet booked.

maggiemck MSN said...

Message from the planning committee:   Due to the under-whelming response to date, the proposed
VHS 2009 Reunion will not happen. The responses to date
do not justify the up-front expenses we were prepared to deposit
to book the venue, food and entertainment planned.

tech3055 MSN said...

The decision message from the committe is incomplete. The full version is as follows:   Due to the under-whelming response to date, the proposed
VHS 2009 Reunion will not happen.  The responses to date
do not justify the up-front expenses we were prepared to deposit
to book the venue, food and entertainment planned.

Moreover, it was distressing to see that most who did respond, clearly
did not read that we were seeking a clear and positive mandate
via a poll: before booking reservations with the people we have been
negotiating with......hence the tentative date and venue type. We were
not looking to attain the 450+ attendance as we did in 2001, far from it.
But those simply waiting to see what others would do have put an end
to our hopes. We do thank those who did communicate and encouraged us.....
we tried our best.

les__f MSN said...

Congrats to you 'Tech3055' at trying to accomodate a Reunion type of deal.......Very Commendable........ I hope you have success in the future............Not everything happens easily,but I'm sure Verdun folk will responsd to your invites ,with a little persistence........Keep Asking or Suggesting and I'm sure you will eventually be successful.........Not all Reunion suggestions ,meet with success................  Good Luck                                                      HF&RV

the lad MSN said...

Hi   Echo what Les says..Maybe after the dust settles it might be a good idea again. Wondering if alot of folks on here have not signed on for a bit and maybe missed it. Who knows might just work one day..hope so.   Thanks for the hard work you put in.   Lad