Friday, October 3, 2008


I am looking for anyone who knows of Carol or Wendy Hartley these are my cousins and we kind of  lost touch.They lived behind Halpins funeral home in an apartment in the late 50s or early 60s. I am married to Ernie Lazure My name is Geraldine Lazure ( Bourdeau ).My grandmother lived at 833  3rd ave and Ernie lived at 786  3rd Avenue. I have been on this site before I lived in Plattsburgh. Now we  moved   to Albany  New York. I enjoy the site and the old pictures....Thanks Geri


onesmac0 MSN said...

Hi Grei,

I'm an old friend of Wendy's and we have been in touch.
my email address is Please send me your email address and a message for wendy and I'll send it along to her.
Sandra Mac

onesmac0 MSN said...

hi Geri,

I wrote that I'm a friend of Wendy Hartely but her maiden name was Mills. It may not be the one your looking for but if it is I can help you contact her.

geri268 MSN said...

Hi  Wendy's maiden name would de Hartley.The Wendy your talking about did she live in Verdun. Thanks  Geri

onesmac0 MSN said...

Hi Geri,

The Wendy I know was a Mills before marriage and yes she did live in Verdun. Well good luck finding her.