Thursday, October 23, 2008

bridge master

Any one rember the old bridge master in point st charles


football19610 MSN said...

Are you referring to the bridge the Charlevois bus went over on it's way to Guy Street?   If you are then I remember him because he use to try chase me and my friends away from the old PT boat that was tied up in the canal just west of the bridge.  We use to go there in the 50's to play "war" on that boat.   George

canookabrooke1 MSN said...

Dear George I am looking for Emile Chopin he was a bridge master in Point St charles area I have very little info yet would appriciate any info you can gice me My family was from the point st charles area Chopin was their name. Thank you Emily Chopin

football19610 MSN said...

Hi Emily:   Sorry I don't have any good news for you.  We never hung around the bridge long enough to find out his name. We ran away from the PT boat when he would start coming over towards us.   George