Sunday, September 28, 2008

point st charles

how far is it from verdun to point st charles  anyone from point st charles looking for relatives


sharon_starr MSN said...

Verdun and Point St. Charles are right beside each other :-)

canookabrooke1 MSN said...

thank you

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Message on Verdun

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Verdun and Point St. Charles
are right beside each other


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les__f MSN said...

Sharon How the 'frig' are ya ? I was going tosay How the F%^k RYA .........but that wouldn't be nice.......hahahahaha  I haven't heard from you for quite a while, Did hibby get you out to that BBQ place close to your house yet ? I can't remember the name of it,but it was in a town that you go to occasionaly. Anyway good to see you posting.........      HF&RV

sharon_starr MSN said...

I'm friggin' OK, thanks Les! hehe Still haven't gotten to that BBQ place yet, nope. Having fun trying all these different places' chicken wings tho to try to find one close to my favs from Montreal But I've found a close one! Believe it or not Giant foods stores have hot wings in their deli section that taste very similar to Buffalo Bill's!