Sunday, September 28, 2008

2646 st patrick

anyone know if 2646 st patrick is still there

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les__f MSN said...

Hi canookabrooke , I must have missed this post of yours from a few weeks back,.but If you have Google Earth, you can type in the 2646 address on Saint Patrick & you will zoom right into the map showing whatever may be at that address today,..... You will have the options at the top of the mao to show a satellite view, a hybrid view ( means it shows surrounding street names too) ......also you will be able to zoom in on the photo.  Good Luck....with that,........... also I see you have found some updated info on the gal you were looking for. Good of you to add her name to the in memoriam link, so you can revisit at any time,.and make her available to anyone who knew her.                                                                                       hf&rv