Monday, September 29, 2008

Maison Saint-Dizier (Old Stone House)

I took this photo on Saturday of the Maison Saint-Dizier situated at the foot of Lloyd George Street, also called The old Stone House by some Verdunites. As you can see there is major reconstruction work presently going on this oldest house in Verdun built in 1710 wich will be 300 years old in 2010. Archeological diggings are also going on and eventually the old artifacts will be displayed and hopefully will become a museum. This old stone house was at times abandoned, used as a city warehouse, legion hall, dance hall etc. Our society (SHGV) is closely involved with this project and I will keep you all posted on the progress.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

looking for chopin family

I am looking for anyone who remembers chopin family located in Verdun/Point St Charles area

point st charles

how far is it from verdun to point st charles  anyone from point st charles looking for relatives

2646 st patrick

anyone know if 2646 st patrick is still there

Lookie what I got! :-)

I haven't been here in quite awhile, work and hubby and daughter keep me busy but I have popped in and read from time to time! I'll try to do a bit better, I promise!
Those of you who remember me know that I now live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia but up until 5 years I had lived all of my life in Verdun.
I try my very best to visit home at least once a year, my 2 older kids who are in their 20's still live there, my daughter on 3rd Ave. and my son just recently moved into the apartments on the corner of Verdun and Galt right across the street from where my old elementary school used to be. But I digress-
2 or 3 years ago on one of my trips home, while walking on Wellington Street, I noticed all of the stores had these great signs in their windows - it was a promotion to try to get people to shop on Wellington more. The signs said J'ai l' a Verdun and oh boy I wanted one so badly to take home with me and stick on my spare bedroom wall! Because my heart will ALWAYS be in Verdun.  I went store to store pleading with each of the salespeople/owners to let me have one of the signs or at least let me BUY one, I'd have paid up to 20$ for each of But nobody would give me one or sell me one.
Last week I received a package in the mail from my son and his girlfriend and look what was IN IT!!!  Along with stickers and magnets all bearing the same logo! And CRISPY CRUNCH choclate bars!

Kosta's has gone

On Saturday Sept 27 I was in the Montreal area and made a special trip to drive through Verdun and the old neighborhood, which is Godin Ave. I was walking along Bannantyne taking pictures and came to Bannantyne and Godin and noticed the whole building on the corner was missing.
Does any one know when the building was demolished?
Was there a restaurant in its place before the building was torn down?
Progress takes away a lot of memories.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008


metalman here, for years i wrote about the black cloud coming, buy gold, silver
oil etc. to protect your lifesavings.
most of us worked hard most of our lives, most are still working with no choice
most of us lost our nest egg of savings including myself in the high tech boom, trusting
our investment companies, banks, only to find out the hard way, you don't trust them period!!! what i learned the hard way, your health is number one, having health with no fear is the answer to ride out any storm.
i'm blessed that i lived in verdun, most don't know that verdun was a training ground for hard times.
most of us lived on very little, most of us were not overweight, we shared our stuff
candies, cigs, beer, whatever we had we shared to our verdun buddies.
i personally think we had a better lifestyle living on flats, sharing 1 bathroom with 5 family members or more.
just look in a mall and see the people all over weigth, over loaded with credit debt
buying homes, cars.on and on.
as a little verduner and other little verduners, we would make our own job, back then
you get that little wooden wagon and deliver groceries, greet the customer, take there order, chat with the customer, carry the boxes of groceries up 3 landimgs of stairs
then the 25 cent silver piece, yes real money, back then you get a comic, a bottle of coke, candies, comic 12 cents, coke 7 cents, 2 cent return on empty bottle, 5 cents for a bag of humpey dumpy chips.
and stiil get change from the 25 cent peice.
verdun gave the best education, we had no easy credit, we were hard working
families, most of us had vacations in july on our balconies and had a great time.
sharing that pepsi, fries, or sharing that 24 of molson.
it will be a shock for many in the next few years, myself its the good old days coming back.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

new to site

Hi All
Looking for any info on Dorothy Nicholls family and friends. She lived in Point St Charles in the 60-70&80's  any info will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Habs 08-09

First pre-season game underway in Halifax ,....Montreal is playing Boston , a great old rivalry.   game's in the 2nd period, with Boston leading so far ,all the rookies getting ice time, mostly.....trying to prove themselves for a spot on the team..........Oh Well it's a long season so Go Habs Go
4-1 leead for Boston & outshooting the Habs 24-8 so far  YIKES !!!
 Listen Live on CJAD if you like, I hope it's not another one of those seasons where the Habs don't shoot at the net, leaving their galies hung out to dry.
Halek is in nets tonight ............a side note apprently Carey Price has shed 20 lbs over the summer............(is that good ??? )
3:49 left in the 2nd period.


Hi people, Many of us take a winter holiday and it would be great if anyone has previously been to the same areas and could suggest points of interest or any comments.   I'll start it off.........we are planning a holiday in IXTAPA-ZIAHUATANEJO,MEXICO.............. Have any of you been their and could shed some light on this area?? It has become very popular, but is still a laidback area of mexico.  If you saw the movie "Shawshank Redemption" years ago, it is mentioned in that movie, and also footage of this area.  
Hope someone has been there and can give us info , where to dine,interesting things to see,etc.    
Let's hope this subject keeps going for anyone else that ventures somewhere new.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

looking for dorthy nicholls

Looking for friends of dorothy nicholls lived ib Verdun area in the 1950-1980's.
I know she has passed on in the 1980's just seeing if any one remembers her or her family & friends
Emily Nicholls

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Class of 1971/2

Is anyone interested in a reunion with 1971/1972 people? I have had a difficult time to post here lately....sorry...but if there are any of VHS classmates wanting to get together...please write to me either here or at would love to set something up.....but I need feedback! C'mon ,let's get something started...even if it's 5 people or 50!!!! Cheers, cathy

Looking for friends of Tommy Lyle

My Uncle Tommy moved to california,married nancy Love and had 2 great girls...Julie and Kelly...anyone here in touch?

Saturday, September 6, 2008


pls let me know bruce

Handy Handy Stores

Does anyone remember the Handy Handy Stores wich sold auto parts and accessories, The equivalent of the Canadian Tire Stores today but on a much smaller scale. Here is what I found in our archives today (SHGV). The Verdun Store was situated at 5260 Verdun Ave.

Cow Heads

Not sure if these boards are searchable so I will just ask if anyone has or knows of any pictures of the cow heads at Elmhurst Dairy?. Anything that shows them in place from any year would be very much appreciated.
Ken McLaughlin

LaFontaine Park

Lafontaine Park
The pond in Lafontaine Park





Lafontaine Park is Plateau Mont-Royal’s biggest park. A 40-hectare gem of traditional park landscaping, it includes two linked ponds with a fountain and waterfalls, the Théâtre de Verdure open-air venue, the Centre culturel Calixa-Lavallée, soccer and baseball fields, pétanque, a dog park, picnic areas and playgrounds, wading pools, several pieces of memorial statuary and many trees including numerous imposingly huge poplars. Bike paths run along the park’s western and northern edges. In wintertime a large section of the pond is cleared for skating with the park chalet functioning as changing room and snack bar; there’s also a hockey rink. The park has a lot of squirrels, including occasional albino ones, but it’s so much a true city park that there’s absolutely no semi-wild forested areas left.

On old maps, the terrain of the park is sometimes marked as Logan’s Park. In 1845 James Logan rented

some of the land to the federal government, which used it for a military shooting range, but in 1889 the city started working on landscaping and layout. Gradually acquiring neighbouring pieces of land, by 1909 the city had created a sizable park which it named after Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine (1807-1864), an author of many of the political reforms that led to the confederation of Canada after his death.

Marshy reeds in the pond

In the 1950s, a modernization of the park saw the removal of the park keeper’s house and the greenhouses and the installation of the open-air theatre. For many years one of the park’s most noted attractions was the Jardin des Merveilles children’s zoo, but it was closed in 1989. The 1990s saw the addition of two new belvederes and a very beautiful colonnade running southwest from Rachel Street.

Lafontaine Park remains a tremendously popular spot, especially on weekends in the summer. Although the Plateau has become a prosperous neighbourhood, many of its houses and flats have no yards or gardens; the park affords a lot of people a chance to sit on the grass and stroll under the trees.

the fountain

Most of the park’s neighbouring streets are residential, but on the south side, Notre-Dame Hospital and the main municipal library hold out an institutional boundary along Sherbrooke Street. Rachel Street, on the north side, has a few small businesses including the Maison des cyclistes, well positioned at the axis of two bike paths; it has a caf챕 open to all. But the park is close enough to Saint-Denis Street and the Gay Village to ensure that no visitor has to languish long without a drink, a coffee or a bite to eat.

To get to Lafontaine Park you can take the 14, 24 or 29 or walk east from Sherbrooke metro station. It is also very accessible to cyclists. There are some small parking lots near the Centre culturel, accessed via Calixa-Lavall챕e, but this is really not a destination most people will need to drive to.


Lachine Canal - West - Verdun (1927).

Good Morning !

Lachine Canal - West - Verdun (1927).

Aerial photo:

Can you identify the bridge over Lachine Canal ?

Photo taken around 1927




Friday, September 5, 2008

Galt and LaSalle Blvd

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Belmont Park Today

I was in Cartierville today and took the following pictures. There is a bicycle path now under the bridge where I took a photo of the river bank where Belmont Park was situated.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Class ring of VHS '82

Did anyone graduate from VHS class of 82?  Was there any class rings? If someone could let me know I would appreciate it.