Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hello Kay. Don't pass out from the shock of seeing who is contacting you.LOL  I recently joined the VC group and have found it wonderfully entertaining. I believe it's about four decades since I last saw you.

Barbara and I just celebrated our 42nd  wedding anniversary on July 16.  We have two grandchildren; Brittany is 15 and Alexander is 10.  I was surprised to see that you hooked up with one of my oldest friends (not in age). Is Stuart's sister Edna still alive.

I see that you guys live outside Athens. We are not too far away as we live on the shore of the St. Lawrence river in Cardinal. That's about 38 kms east of Brockville.  We only moved here in April of this year.  Previously live in a small village west of Barrie (Angus)  Like you, Barb and I are retired and enjoying life.

Hope to be able to see you and Stuart one of these days to rekindle old friendships.



winterhater MSN said...

Hi George, - It certainly is a lot of years since we all have seen each other.  I guess you were surprised that Stu and I got hitched, as were a lot of  We live outside of Athens which is about 1/2 drive north of Brockville and moved here in 2002 when I retired in Montreal. Stu had been retired for a couple of years before me. The living here is certainly different from Verdun but we both love the peace and quiet and the coyotes howling at night.  Laurette went to a reunion last month at Mike Regimbald's house and really enjoyed herself.  You wrote me at 4:26am, do you get up that early every morning?  You are suppose to be retired and sleep

winterhater MSN said...

Hi George, it's me again.  Forgot to answer your question about Edna.  She is living in Wellington, N.S.  Got married a couple of years ago.  He daughter Shirley lives near her, her son David lives up north and her son Butch lives in Syracuse.

football19610 MSN said...

Hi Kay and Stuart. It sure is nice hearing from you. I'm glad to see that you are enjoying life in retirement.  We sure are. I just received an e-mail from Laurette and she mentioned the little reunion at Mike and Coleen's place.  The next time you are in touch with Edna please let her know that I still think about her. Guess the memory is because of her letting me stay at her house when I use to play hookey from school.LOL.  Everytime I think of Stuart I'm reminded of the time the guys were in his house and for some strange reason wanted to brand my leg with a hot key. They had held me down on his mom's kitchen table. Of course, there was a fight from me trying to get away from them. The table broke  in half and we expected to get hell from Mrs. Turner. Her only reply was, "Now Where is your Grandfather going to eat breakfast". LMAO Hopes he remembers it.  The crazy things we did as kids.  Barb and I would love to see you guys. Let me know by e-mail if it is mutal.     

football19610 MSN said...

Hi Kay.  Me Again.  I'm still an early bird. Usually up at 5:00 AM.  My mental alarm clock has never turned off from working days. However, the other side of the coin is I usually go to bed by 10:00 PM or 10:30 PM  I do need my beauty sleep. LOL

winterhater MSN said...

Hi George, We would love to see you guys after all these years. I am going to see if Laurette is planning to visit me after her vacation and if so, there will be one extra "old friend" to see. I will keep in touch with you and let you know.