Monday, August 18, 2008

Champlain Bridge coming down?

Check out the web for this one..heard on Ch. 12 they are looking at building new bridge to replace current one. Cost less to do this then maintaining it..Sounds like its almost official.


les__f MSN said...

Hi lad: Funny you mention this as I tried to post the story about this from this mornings Gazette, ( I was trying to post in the Yikes thread,.but kept getting that friggin Hmmmmm msg. hahahaha  I wonder if this will supercede or put the kybosh on the proposed Galt Av bridge that Guy was mentioning to get over to Nuns Island,...........  If you start to see roads & highways & infra structure promises like that ,.then get ready for an election,.as it 's the only time the Gov't spends Our Money on Us.....hahahaha Usually they give it away to other country's where we know it doesn't get to the people either......... here's the story from this morning's Gazette: Officials mull replacing Montreal's Champlain Bridge Elizabeth Thompson, Gazette Ottawa BureauPublished: 1 hour ago OTTAWA - Bridge tolls on the Champlain Bridge eliminated years ago could be back in the future. That is among the scenarios the federal government is envisaging as it examines the prospect of building a new bridge to replacing the Champlain Bridge. According to documents obtained by the Journal de Montreal, officials with the government agency that manages federally-owned bridges have reached the conclusion that it would be cheaper to replace the Champlain Bridge than to keep repairing it. In an interview with RDI, federal Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon confirmed he is seriously looking at the prospect of a new bridge and preparing a presentation to take to cabinet. While no decisions have been taken, Cannon said the project could be built through a public/private partnership which could mean a return of tolls to finance the new bridge                        Seems like the site is working better now, I think MSN diverts it's resources at times,(why I don't know,) but I'm glad it's working now:                                                                    HF&RV

les__f MSN said...

I bet it won't be a Quarter to cross .................more like a Toonie at least,....                    hf&rv    

the lad MSN said...

Les   Can remember seeing new sidewalks and streets being done over just before elections back home..last time I drove down Manning couple of years ago between Beurling and Bannantyne it was like I was on the ocean.....terrible shape.. uneven,potholes,..   Guess since it became part of mega city thats what happens..would imagine its been fixed since then...   Lad