Sunday, July 27, 2008

Looking for Tara Collette

I'm looking for someone named Tara Collette.  She would be approximately 40 years old by now.  Her parents are Serge and Edie, sisters Nancy and Kelly.  We lived on Woodland Ave between Bannantyne and Verdun.  I lived at 728 Woodland that big old house about half way down on the Dawson’s side of the street.


I moved from there to Ontario in 1980 at the age of 13 when my father transferred and have lost touch with her.  She may not remember me, but I would be interested to know how she is doing.  It has been about 28 years since we have had any contact at all.  If anyone knows anything please let me know.


My name then and now is Joan Turner.


shirleyb-h MSN said...

She and her sisters are all on facebook just google  

joancturner MSN said...

Thanks Shirley, I have facebook so did a search.  Your help is appreciated.