Friday, February 10, 2012

Wellington Bridge and CN Rail Tracks Circa 1943

Here is another photo of the Wellington bridge and the CN rail that cross the Lachine Canal. These photos are from a booklet published by the National Historic site of Canada, entitled LACHINE CANAL and goes back a few years and which I borrowed from our archives (SHGV).

I believe that the horizontal steel structure two thirds up on the right are the train rails in the up position to allow the boat to pass. The one on the left which is not seen is in the down positon. And of course the two cabins on the top house the men who operate the bridge. I believe the whole structure is still there today. The bridge would be in the open position permanentaly and the CN train tracks are still in use today

I have several other photos from the same booklet which I will post piece'meal to allow us to better digest and appreciate our Montreal landmarks.


CN-Harbour and CN-Wellington bridges, circa 1943, National Archives of Canada (PA202868)

Archives SHGV


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