Monday, February 20, 2012


I mentioned this before but Madona said during a visit to Montreal in 1987 that she had roots in Québec from ancestors on her mother's side.

She is a direct descendant of Julien Fortin who sailed to Nouvelle France (Canada) in 1650 and an ancestor then moved to Michigan.

Perhaps her complete genealogy will turn up some day.

What this I hear about the rumour regarding Multiply ?




Les F said...

Guy I could not think of anything less ,to be proud of, this broad has done nothing ,except to be the queen of karoaki,...has she ever sung a song live.?
JMHO ,but she is not my favourite........... lol
and certainly didn't do anything for me during SuperBowl except to lenghthen the life of my home speakers , as I could not turn it down fast enough when she did her lip synching routine at half time..............
HF&RV - Les

pauline garneau said...

She employed a Montreal Quebec company and I must say a pretty good one!!! Check out their web site.

Guy Billard said...

I would like to make a couple of suggestions. Why don't you ask Multiply to put some adds on this site, this would ensure that they can make some money on the advertising and don't decide to pull the plug some day.
Also, can you change the above Verdun scene to change the atmosphere. There are plenty of good Verdun scenes you could add wich you can get from the albums on this site. A rotation would be nice.


pauline garneau said...

Hi Les this broad's tickets sold out in 20 minutes for her show in Montreal 16,000 people thought she was worth giving up their cash to see her. She is not my favorite - I prefer Celine but that's just me

Les F said...

Hi Guy, the site actually has small ads on it,when you switch from page to page youwill usually see an ad saying you have a message or something like that, However there is no need at the present time to have ads. Multiply is a large outfit,which chose to head in the direction of being an online marketplace,with the sideline of it's private groups, etc etc,.I doubt they are indanger of closing down,as a matter of fact, Multiply had a huge lawsuit (which was kept relatively quiet) agains Facebook back in 2006 I think it was, It seems FB had infringed on Multiply's format,,it was all settled, FB is well known,and offers a simpler user friendly basic,reply system. Multiply offers far more features,but I think it lacks the old ease of use ,which MSN groups had,where when anyone responded to any topic,that topic bounced back to the top of the groups page,giveing others a very good & easy temptation to respond,thus we had more actual replies or comments on different topics, Although Multiply does bounce the most recent comment topic back to the top, it only does it on the 'InBox' side of things,and not bounce the commented on topic back to the top of the groups page,So people surfing by would have no idea of what is being responded to,unless they were first members of Multiply,as well as a member of this Group (or whatever Multiply group) Most of us are alert4ed via our inbox ,as to a new comment or topic,or video,or photo album being posted,but that;'s something we have to do in the beginning to choose that option.
I do wish that the actual counters ,which show who & when & how many times someone has visited us,would show for everyone so they would see we are not alone here,there are plenty of people who choose to read our site,Each person (as you know0 who posts a topic ,can readily see who has read it.Much like each person who has a multiply personal site,which you would have automatically when joining,those people can see immediately at the bottom of their site just who has stopped by. So don't worry about the question from pomolive about the rumour of our demise,it is not that imminent.
As always though,we would welcome anyone to add to the site,whether thaat would be by posting new topics,answering to old ones,( our archives are loaded) or post new albums,videos or whatever, they are more than welcome & always have been.
As for the front page photo, I leave that for continuity,so anyone surfing will recognise the page.however I will look into changing it from time to time,I do rotate the look of the front page (otherthan Verdun photo) by moving the Blog,or members photos , or music. or links etc etc I also change the displayed photo albums ,in order to showcase others contributions over the years & offer something new to have them look at. Most I suspect know how to navigate the site,but perhaps not,.in the bottom right side of any window,it usually says 'view all' when you click on that regardless of whether it's the blog window, or the photo album window, or Video etc etc .it will give you plenty of material to go through,..even back to the mSN days,it just takes time to do it.
You know back to the days of us talking about everyday occurences in Verdun as a kid, the hot dog at the Nat or the small bag of chips, or the various stores throughout Verdun,...all the same stuff that still is talked about everywhere else,was once on here. but hey I am always looking for a new venue,as we are always looking for the 'new best thing'
I am currently talking to the tech people at Multiply about some problems I am having 'editing' our site, Usually I don't bother to relay stuff like that,because contrary to what may be thought , I am still working to help this site,However that said I spend enough time checking in & responding when I can to anyone who posts something or asks a question,so they don't feel they are unoticed.
Cheers ! HF&RV - Les

Les F said...

Here for example is the latest response I recieved from the tech department
this message was from 8:03 am this morning Feb 21st,2012

Hi Les,

Just so you're aware, once the issue is reported to our Development Team I have no control over how fast the matter is resolved. Since this issue is widespread, I suspected that it would have been resolved a lot faster. Let me see if I can have our Product Manager get this expedited.

- Jack
.....So folks rest assured I am on the case.......but I'd rather be indulging in one........Cheers HF&RV - Les

Sandy Walsh said...

There was an NBC special with Rosie O'Donnell called "Who Do You Think You Are" where she traced her roots to Ireland via Montreal. It was so interesting to see her going through the archives in Old Montreal which lead her to Ireland.

Interesting about Madonna having ties to Quebec - Celine is an excellent entertainer - hope you don't hate on Rosie too Les - are you three for three?

Les F said...

Nope I like Rosie,.I get a kick out of her, the other two not so