Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice collection in Front of Verdun

This photo is from the newspaper "La Patrie" of the 8th of March 1902 and the text reads (Translation):

Illustration of around the Montreal Water & Power Co. at Verdun showing that the ice destined for Montreal is cut in an unhealthy part of Verdun:

A: Pump of the M.W.&P Co.

B: Extremity of the water intake of the M.W.P Co.

C: Nun's Island.

D: Mouth of the Rivière Saint Pierre where the Verdun sewage is discharged in the river.

The Rivière Saint-Pierre is no longer there as it was filled with landfill and was situated app. at the foot of Strathmore street.

So the ice that we used to suck in the summer to cool off was made with contaminated water. Despite this, some of us seem to have survived.



Diane Roberts said...

Bonjour Guy...could you post the email address of the historical society please. I've received some interesting old photos via email from Stephen Redmond & don't know how to forward them on to the society. Mercy, Diane Roberts

Guy Billard said...

You can send them to my e-mail address at: and I will make copies for our society (Société d'histoire et de Généalogies de Verdun).

Diane Roberts said...

Merci Guy,
I'm in Paris for six weeks & the Internet connection is not very reliable. It might take a little time for me to forward Stephen's photos....Diane