Saturday, November 12, 2011

Food for Thought

      You may just want to buy local,after watching this. This also applies to our friends south of the 49th too...........   watch the video in the first comment window:

This applies equally to Canadians and Americans. #fb #in Let’s all better support our local farmers and eat local. It’s just good sense!

eat localRegardless of which side of the 49th parallel you live on, this should concern you.  We have lost the ability to feed ourselves as a North American society. What if a meltdown of the financial system, still a very real potential threat,  cut off credit and thus world trade, at least in the short run, which is what matters when we’re talking about food?  War, politics or general pestilence could cause trade in food to cease and thus put North Americans in a difficult spot.

Eating local is just part of a whole new way of living that we need to think about trying.  One where Green means making things that last for a lifetime, the way we used to.  And where the constant pursuit of the almighty buck, the next best gizmo and a never-more-than-three-year-old-car no longer takes precedence over family, friends and community.

This is just a small, but important, part of the equation.

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Les F said...

or keep buying imports from countries where we wouldn't even drink the water,nevermind wonder about what they use for fertiliser ??
It is good food for thought...................