Sunday, September 11, 2011

Visit Harold Rosenberg's site

I just recv'd a message from Harold Rosenberg a fellow Montrealer who discovered our site & all the photo.s Have a visit to his site & look at the photo's he has there, All of them could easily be remembered by anyone who lived around Montreal,different neighbourhood,but the shots will remind you of home.

       Incidentally Harold is looking for any photos of the Snowdon area,I know we have some somewhere in one of the albums,but if any of you out there have any,maybe you could share them too.....  


Harold Rosenberg said...

Thanks, Les, for all your support and encouragement. Your pics are great. They bring back so many wonderful memories from my growing up in Snowdon.
The Steinberg's Queen Mary 1938 pic--Is that the same store that was joined to Zeller's on Queen-Mary and Trans Island?
The Snowdon--Aug. 1944 pic shows what intersection? I can't place it.
Group at 5324 Mountain (Sights?) Daughters of the Nile . Is that a theatrical group?
I love the pic of MacDonald Park, under construction. I drive by there everyday.
Thanks, again, Les
My Dalou Street pic page is gradually expanding. Any pics of Dalou, Decarie, Saranac, Musset, Grenier, Queen Mary, Snowdon and other neighbourhood streets and people are welcome. It's amazing what great pics people have found in their sock drawers, and are sending me. All appreciated.

Harold--Montreal W.

Les F said...

We will do what we can to help.................
I will also have some answers on your questions about the pictures..glad they sparked some memories for you,as for the other streets I will try to find what I can there as well.
...............................Cheers ! HF&RV (Snowdon too)

Les F said...

Daughters of the Nile is an international fraternal organization that has prospered as a social and charitable organization since 1913. Our members:

I have to place this in the "learn something new everyday" category,.I had never heard of this group before finding the photo, I did wonder if they were like the 'daughters of job'(jobe ?) but I really don't much about them either.