Monday, September 26, 2011

McGill Daily Getting Old ....actually Older by the 'Daily' ------According to Them !

“‘Why is The McGill Daily?’
Asked the pessimist sourly.
‘Thank God,” said the optimist gaily,
‘That it isn’t hourly!’”

- A.J.M. Smith, The Blasted Pine, 1967

The McGill Daily proudly posted the above on its About Us page.

I guess people have always loved or hated the Daily.

Personally, I used to be jealous of McGill’s independent student newspaper.

Back in the good old days when I was at The Link at Concordia, I was jealous of their long history, cool offices and daily publication schedule, though many a Linkie mocked the way the black-clad Dailyites of my day would swoop into student-newspaper conferences like they owned the place. But, hey, they were an actual daily and they had reason to be cocky.

The Daily will celebrate its 100th anniversary in October.

They’re having a reunion Oct. 14 and 15 and discussing old times and posting photos on Facebook.

You can read some back issues of the McGill Daily thanks to the wonders of the Google News Archive.

Check out this page where Daily editors previously reminisced.

Many well-known names graced its pages over the years, including NDP leadership contender Brian Topp.

Here’s an ad The Gazette put in a special reunion issue of the Daily in 1996 (you can read that 1996 issue in PDF format):


- Andy Riga

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Les F said...

Here is some access to a few decades of this McGill Daily,.you can look for something in particular or just browse until something strikes your interest.................or just skip all the crap ^ we will find something to post for