Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot Dogs ? Never Got These @ the Natatorium

         Toasted or Steamed, tout garnee avec chou, or just mustard & onions, that's what we got,.....Now have a look at these:


Some say the hot dog was developed in Frankfurt in 1487 and thus was called a frankfurter.

Others assert Johann Georg­hehner, a butcher from Coburg, Germany, created it in the 1600s. His links, because of their long and lean shape, were known as a “dachshund” or “little-dog” sausages. It is said that he later travelled to Frankfurt to promote them.

It’s not clear who was the first to heat and serve them in a bun, but a few sources say that in the late 1860s, German immigrants in New York sold them from pushcarts. Names such as dachshund sausage gave way to a phrase vendors could easily shout out: “Get your hot dogs, here!”

More than a century later, the preference for such traditional toppings as mustard and relish is still strong. But those who like to be more adventurous might like one of the three recipes I cooked up.

One is a German-style hot dog adorned with beer-braised red cabbage and Swiss cheese. My second offering is a Japanese-style hot dog accented with sweet and sour rice vinegar pickles and addictive ginger sauce. My last is a southern-style hot dog spiced up with fresh salsa, jalapeños and Monterey Jack cheese.

All will taste great while you sit on your sun-filled deck, enjoying a cold beer

" Beleive it or not they actually have a 'recipe' to make these hotdogs--Really ? a Recipe for a Hotdog including preparation time & cooking time.......Come On .Anyone even  in a Coma could make a hotdog.................hahahahaha      

                            Well here is the article called 'Dressing up the Hotdog' I'm sure they are good,but when I think of a hotdog,it's just the old Verdun/Montreal style ones I remember most.      


                   Have Fun and Remember Verdun........................     

ps: I bet I might only have one hot dog a year nowadays--maybe.    Cheers !



Les F said...

With this I do HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

Ive been wanting to write an article on hotdogs as they have been an important part of our lives. Maybe I will enevtually write one especially as Verdun is concerned. One of my favorite hotdog places is the Bingo Restaurant at the corner of Verdun and Egan, hotdog, fries and a coke for about $3.50. Nobody can beat that.
Guy .

Sandra macDonald said...

Wow now that is a good price for a hotdog and fries, much less a coke added in. Hotdogs are for sure one of my best food memories of Verdun/Montreal. There are a few places here in Van., with the Montreal style of smoked meat and hotdogs, but nothing can be better than eating one in Quebec, the old style....un hotdog tout garnee avec chou. We have a Montreal style cafe called "Annie's" that offers le hotdog, smoked meat, poutine, but the specialty is real soft ice cream with maple butter.....yum.

Sandra penner said...

Les, those hotdogs look great! Along with a cold beer, okay then, I'll be right over.....LOL

Les F said...

OK Cookie 'no sweat' & I mean 'no sweat.I can provide the beer, the deck & the appy's....but the sushine is a little like the Lasalle Airport.....We've heard about it,but few have seen it (at least so far)
Cheers ! HF&RV

Les F said...

Here is a Quebec kitchen at a campground preparing lunch: Now one of them certainly seems to enjoy her work, come to think of it ,she looks a little like the gal from our sex-education classes,instructing on the proper way to......well you